Monday, 25 January 2016

The Battle For Rawnstadt, Germany 1945

As far as we can tell the Russians have not reached Rawnstadt yet, we do not know why the town is so important but as well as our three Pz. IVs we have been allocated a Tiger too! I decide to hold some troops in reserve so send forward some infantry including a mortar section with an armoured scout car and two of our Pz. Ivs.
Rawnstadt And Environs

As our Pz.IV approaches the outskirts it is unexpectedly fired on by an advancing T34, the shell hits but does not penetrate, meanwhile the 222 heads towards the town.

Ivan is already entering the town, our other infantry in reserve are called up to advance to contest the occupation while the 222 provides some covering fire. Ivan and ourselves seem to be doing little damage to each other, I think Ivan did not expect the town to be defended in any way as much as we did not be expecting to be sent to defend it.

Things Begin To Hot Up, First Blood To The Germans

Col. Otto Bikkel

To be continued...........

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