Sunday, 3 January 2016

New Year In The Trenches

I decided it would not be over for Christmas and have continued with getting more of my Ironclad Miniatures trenches customised ready for painting, the first part of the year is going to be a Big Push to complete my Great War projects, although I have grown the pile a little, see below.
First though some pictures of the customised trench sections
Left And Centre Have Milliput Sandbags Added, The Right One Has Ironclad Sandbags Added. I Have Also Added Corrugated Iron Sheets In Some Sections Over The Wooden Ones For Variety 

More Sandbags And A Trench Periscope Added For A Forward Observation Post

A Burst Sandbag And Some Woodland Scenics Deadfall Added

Detail Of The Trench Periscope, The Pickets Are From Pig Iron Productions If I Remember Correctly

Now earlier today I made the trip a couple of miles down the road to the Penkridge Tabletop Sale, which I have attended since it started except for one year when I was a tad under weather. It is a bit of a joke that I have yet to buy anything but a coffee and a bacon sandwich, today however I broke my duck! I purchased something, hurrah! I had a quick wander round before meeting  with Dave and Jon, I spotted a painted field position for £3 ideal to add to my Great War terrain, after a coffee I went and got one. After Dave and Jon had left I had another trawl round which I am glad I did, under one of the tables was a box of unpainted figures for 50p each at that price you have to have a look don't you? Result, it was full of Renegade Late War Germans, so I have now added a rifle section, a MG team, some NCO's and officers to the Great War to do pile. I also ordered a MKIV tank for the Germans in the Warlord New Year 10% off and free postage offer, so my Big Push may take a while longer to bear fruit.

Off to GHQ tomorrow for the first game of 2016, a French Revolutionary War bash with Black Powder, look out for a report on Dave's BLOG later in the week.



  1. Top stuff.

    I don't suppose you have a Step by Step for the sandbags on this fine blog of yours Phil?


  2. Thanks Darrell. I don't have any pics, I will take some next time. They are quite straight forward to do though, roll out a sausage of Milliput, squash it out on your cutting mat to roughly the length you want them, then cut them to the width you require. Then pop them down and push them into place with your knife or other implement, I use some natty "sculpting irons" that Matt Bickley kindly gave me they come with all sort of ends.

  3. Can't wait to see all of it together on the table!

    1. Hope to have the above painted and on the table for next Monday's game here at OHQ.

  4. Looking good there Phil, I especially like the trench periscope piece - your chaps can see their doom approaching! Good finds today at Penkridge too, for all three of us too!

    1. Thanks DB, yes a good haul for us today. Thought there was a fair bit of historical amongst the usual proliferation of gnomes and fairies this time.

  5. I can't wait to see how these turn out :-)