Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Back To Work

Or..............."not proper work" according to my wife, either way it means the paints are back out. So in between popping paint on the commission "work" I have been able to paint the trench piece I modified together with another couple of sections. You may note that I beefed up the sandbag protection at the front since the WIP photo posted earlier.

The Rear

The Front

In Situ With Other Sections
Already now to attempt to stem the German advance in the New Year.

May I take the opportunity to wish all my followers and casual readers a Happy and Prosperous New Year


  1. Looks superb! All the best for the New Year!

  2. I really like that. Great work!

  3. Realistic and beautiful...happy new year!

  4. Stem the German advance? Now that's ambitious! Nice pieces though, so I will enjoy over running them next month!

  5. Indeed you may ;-) See you Sunday at Penkridge, where my only purchase will be the usual coffee and maybe a bacon butty no doubt :-)

  6. Many Happy Years which are novel!