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Sunday 24 November 2013

The Triumph Of Don Byklos, A First Carlist War AAR

Having recently finished some skirmishers for each side we decided to play another First Carlist War game,
we again used Neil Thomas's 19th century with a few modifications to suit our needs. Below is the battlefield prior to the engagement, Dave AKA Don Byklos Esparanto commanded the government force whilst I Don Felipe De Rawnla took command of the Pretenders forces.

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Below Don Felipe deploys his forces

Meanwhile Don Byklos begins his attack, on his  left he deploys a light infantry battalion and his skirmishers, in the centre the Princessa line battalion, whilst over on his right which will be his main attack he deploys two battalions of British Auxiliary Legion and the Espana battalion, these will be supported by a horse artillery battery and a Royal Marine rocket troop, at this point his cavalry are held in reserve looking to exploit any gaps or weak spots in the Carlist line.

The BAL begin their advance on the Carlist positions, facing them are the Navarre battalion who are going to make them pay dear in due course, the rocket battery prepare to deploy on the elevated position of the
wayside shrine to support either flank when necessary

In the centre and on the left flank the forces of Don Byklos advance to pin their opponents whilst the attack on the right goes in, he also brings across his cavalry to counter the Carlist lancers.

The Pricessa battalion is seen off by the weight of fire, forcing Don Byklos to commit his cavalry and charge the Carlist Vizcaya battalion forcing them to retire, the Carlists advance their lancers who flushed by success are charged by the Liberals, despite the advantage of the charge they are bested by the lancers of Navarre who in turn are afterwards forced to flee by fire from the Royal Marine rockets. Despite this things are looking good for the Carlists, over on the other flank the artillery and brave men of Navarre have forced both BAL battalions to retire.

The Navarrese should really have followed up this success but were deterred by the loss of the artillery battery to fire from the Liberals artillery, this allowed Don Byklos to regroup and launch another attack against them, this time whether due to fatigue or being low of ammunition they were unable to repeat their earlier success and were forced to flee, this left the Liberals able to attack the Carlist right flank in support of the light battalion and the skirmishers who had driven in their counterparts.

With the Vizcaya and Guipuzcoa battalions seriously depleted and only untried volunteers in support Don Felipe conceded the field to the government forces. All in all a rather splendid game, not sure about the rules yet but the game does rattle along with them with thirteen turns played in a little under three hours with a break for lunch and drinks in between.


  1. That's a splendid AAR supported by great photos, Phil. It almost feels like I was there...

  2. Very entertaining AAR. Thanks for sharing

  3. Great report and amazing collection.