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Monday 18 November 2013

Shrapnel Villa II

Apart from fiiling gaps and laying down some Miliput retainers for the detachable pieces not much has gone at the villa the last couple of weeks.

This changed today, yesterday at Warfare I picked up the new 4Ground fireplace, at £3.50 a tad pricey you may feel. However it took just 10 minutes to assemble and is already coloured, you couldn't do it yourself for that price in time alone.
The Bits

In Place

With Debris Added

Whilst at Warfare I also purchased a resin Swamp/Oasis/Marsh piece from Coritani, I thoght it would be ideal for some waterlogged ground in my Great War games, today I added a couple of shell damaged trees, a sunken wheel and some picket posts, again a purchase yesterday from Tablescape.

Also yesterday I purchased the latest Battlegroup supplement "Fall of the Reich" together with the mini rulebook so I no longer have to leaf through the massive Battlegroup Kursk tome during games and the new morale chits to go with it from Commission Figures, also on the WWII theme I got a SU37 for the Soviets, although available it is doubtful that they saw service before the war ended but it looks nice, I also got a crew for my Ostwind, a ready painted die-cast by Panzerstahl via EBay. Oh and some more MDF bases for rebasing my WWII collection from the wonderful chaps at Warbases, quality stuff with quality service.
Hope to play a First Carlist War game at the end of the week pending new grandad to William David being in a fit state, congratulations to parents Ruth and Craig.



  1. A couple of nice additions there

  2. It's coming right along. Soon, it'll have all the comforts the attentions of the enemy, and maybe some friends, can provide.

  3. Xoming along nicely, Phil, as is young William David! Hope to make Friday for the FCW game!

  4. This will be some amazing terrain.