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Monday 2 September 2013

Return To The Eastern Front

Following on from my previous post I am still in World War Two mode, I have finished another Russian building and added a barn, collected from Lancer at Partizan yesterday to my to paint pile also added a Zis-5 truck from Rapid Fire/Ready To Roll and a moving Maxim gun team from Under The Bed Enterprises, picked up some Crusader Late War Brits for my 28mm forces for use with the new Lardy "Chain of Command" rules too.

Dave came over to OHQ for a game last Friday, I gave Battlegroup Kursk a try out, we played the clash of reconnaissance scenario. I took the Germans and Dave the Soviets. My first mistake, which was to cost me the game I think, was too bold an advance with my armoured cars, should have known better, sending even tanks in un-supported is risky I know. Needless to say they soon fell victim to Soviet fire, causing me to take counters early, which of course were high ones. 
With my early loss and the arrival of the bulk of his force Dave was able to consolidate his position so by the time my main force arrived it had to run the gauntlet of fire from a then well positioned enemy, the Soviets did not have it all their own way but by turn seven I had exceeded my BR. The Soviets had received counters for half of theirs. Really looking forward to the next game in a fortnight. Some pics, in no particular order, of the action below.

I have not entirely neglected my other projects, I have also completed a unit of Saxon duguth for Dux Brittanniarum

Next game will be over at GHQ, a try out of Sam Mustafa's latest rules for the American Civil War, Longstreet.



  1. Great looking table. Seems like you two had a lot of fun.

    The Duguth are great too.

  2. Excellent pics Phil! Looking forward to our rematch next week!