Thursday, 6 January 2011

Happy New Year

Happy New Year, first off thanks to all people who have visited the site and also for the encouraging comments. Last night saw my first game of the year over at GHQ (see links), Dave put on a Crimean War game. We used Black Powder rules, this was my fifth game and my fifth and worst defeat to date under these rules, I cannot even blame the dice for my blunders! The first turn saw me blithely advancing towards the opposing Russian columns so that I could get into musket range, completely forgetting of course that my gallant troops possessed rifled muskets so I did not have to advance that far. This left my flank exposed, which the Russians (Dave) took full advantage of, meanwhile my artillery seemed to be firing blanks and my closing fire was desultory, I had a little success over on the left flank but it was a case of too little too late. I shall draw a veil over these dismal events.
I have not taken any photo's today has I went with Dave to deliver his latest colonial rule set "Washing the Spears" - - to North Star, I must thank Nick for his usual and wonderful hospitality.
OK of course I am biased, but they do give a tremendous "game", having being the Imperial player during the numerous play tests I can say that although currently undefeated the games were never a foregone conclusion and the result could have been a lot different on several occasions.
I plan to take photo's while I give the old eyes a rest from painting during the course of tomorrow so please pop back over the weekend.

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