Thursday, 27 January 2011

First Carlist War Game

Dave as for some time been trying to persuade me to play a First Carlist War game with my fledgling collection, I had been putting this off has I did not think that Black Powder rules would work with only one brigade a side, however I finally relented. I am pleased to say that the game went really well and lasted for about 11/2 hours, we played with ranges etc at 66% on a 4 x 4 table, the Carlist force consisted of four standard size battalions a 6pdr gun and a small cavalry unit, the Isabelino's four standard size battalions a Royal Marine rocket battery and a small cavalry unit. Both sides had a brigade commander but no CinC.

Here are a few pictures
 Carlist Volunteers march to do battle
 The British Auxiliary Legion march to do battle
 The Royal Marine rocket battery deploys to give what would be ineffectual support
Carlist forces advance upon their enemies
      British Auxillary battalion await the enemy                    
 Carlist forces engage the British Auxiliary Legion
 Isabelino Light Infantry fire in support of the BAL
 The Carlist artillery battery gives supporting fire
 Carlist cavalry attempt to flank the Isabelino force
 Isabelino line cavalry advance to counter the threat
 Carlist volunteers take cover behind a low wall
 Over on the flank the cavalry clash
 The opposing firing lines
 Carlist and Isabelino infantry engage in close combat
Don David Del Pendaluna inspects his victorious troops

The game could have gone either way for a while but bad dice throwing by the Isabelino's (Me) turned the game in favour of the Carlists (Dave). First off my BAL battalion was destroyed after taking massive fire from both infantry and artillery, over on the flank my cavalry were routed enabling the Carlist cavalry to threaten the Isabelino rear whilst over on the right I lost heavily in the hand to hand fighting. My 5th game and fifth defeat using Black Powder, perhaps I don't like them after all :)


  1. Beautifully painted miniatures. Looks like an impressive game.

  2. That's a really superb collection you have there. The uniforms look fantastic. I'm looking forward to seeing more!

  3. Rather fantastic looking collection!I am sorely tempted to dip into this period. Especially like the British wagon - what shade do you use?

  4. Thanks for the comments chaps. The wagon is painted with Foundry Night Sky Matt.


  5. This is looking very, very nice! I am surprised BP works for one brigade. We adapted sharp practice for this period.

  6. Hi Michael, I was suprised how well it worked too. I think that having just the brigade commander made the game very interesting especially as we were using 66% his command distance was only 8", which made the Carlist cavalry flanking move difficult in particular has they were invariably 24" away most of the time. Also if a command roll was failed any units that had not been issued orders had no CinC to give them any so turns could end quite suddenly.

  7. Wonderful game. Splended painting job. Bravo. How about playing another smallish battle and posting another after action report.