Tuesday, 4 September 2018

Well Jim You Did.....

Mention chickens, another little piece to make the table top look inhabited. The well is from Coriatani, the chickens (painted as Spanish white face) from Hovels, the barrel and bucket from the bits box while the rope is made from twisted fuse wire, base from Warbases.
Suitably inspired by another namesake, jimbibblyblog I have got around to adding sails to the windmill, James used Japanese calligraphy paper for his 15mm creation, I jokingly asked my wife if she had any in her card making stuff, no but I do have some vellum said she, ideal thinner than paper and stronger. Here it is pictured on my latest terrain board, now my river does not have to run across the four foot part all the while, the sails are not has white as the photo suggests.
Yesterday was a full day over at GHQ as I had to drop my wife off for an hospital appointment early AM and drop her back at work around lunchtime, which just happens to be around the corner from GHQ. After a dry brushing session on the excellent buildings Dave has made up we set to with another outing with our Italian Wars collection, trying out our latest modifications to the Neil Thomas rules we use, we have decided a few more tweaks/additions for next time. For a full report of the action pop over to Dave's blog, The Battle of San Philippe
Here are a few taster pics wot I took.

Here at OHQ next week I plan a return to the Russian front using Battlegroup rules, after watching an AAR on UTube, The Acceptable Casualties I was reading the comments, one said that they did not like IgoUgo games so they dice for orders each turn and that result they add the amount of Bolt Action order dice applicable for each sides orders to a bag and draw them out. Its sounds an interesting twist so we will give it a try. Stay tuned.



  1. Very nice additions to the Spanish scenic there Phil! Inspiring even! Nice shots of yesterday's game here in GHQ too.

  2. Great pictures and wonderful terrain/building additions!

  3. Inspiring figs and game, come on Firenze!

  4. Nice terrain pieces and it looks like a smashing game!
    Best Iain

  5. Lovely looking figures and scenery Phil. Can I ask where the pantile building with the waterwheel is from?

    1. It’s not a waterwheel, it’s a Lion Head fountain from Iron Gate Scenics. The building I made from Warbases Modular Building and General Purpose products. The pantiles are from Wills.

  6. Thank you for the comments chaps, much appreciated.

  7. Very nice work all round... now you need a huge outdoor communal paella pan and stone fire pit to tie-in with the chickens.

  8. Great work all round! Those chickens certainly will do their part to enhance your gaming experience even further.