Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Hell On The Eastern Front.................

Having being engrossed in the mountains of madness in my spare time, see Tales From Rhanzlistan for details, I had not planned the proposed Rapid Fire game, so I reverted to the old faithful Bolt Action. Having both had busy weekends we did not want a too tactically challenging game so I went for the good old Maximum Attrition scenario.
The German forces would enter from the left and the Russians from the right, the opposing forces were......
HQ Leutnant and two aides
3 infantry squads of 9 men with a LMG
1 Pak38 50mm Anti-tank gun
1 81mm Mortar
1 Tripod mounted MG42
1 Stug. III
HQ Lieutenant and two aides
3 Infantry squads of 10 men with a LMG
1 45mm Anti-tank gun
1 SU76
1 Maxim MMG
1 81mm Mortar
1 50mm Mortar
I don't fuss about points and balance, but for those for who it matters I had a quick tot up of the points later, and they were, Germans 840ish and Russian 770ish

Dave's Russians had a lot of open ground to cover so speed was of the essence, I was a little cautious and should really have made for the barn before the Russians, instead I sent a squad through the wheat field to counter the Russian advance on the barn. The Germans soon found out that contrary to what Brig. Young allegedly told his men at Dieppe, standing crops do not deflect bullets effectively and it was soon 1 - 0 to the Russians.It was at this point that I should really have occupied the barn, but must have had a rabbit in the headlights moment. Things on the other flank were fairly even neither side gaining any real advantage, I should have done better against troops in the open, but come on four 1's out of six shots, is it just me?
I managed to even things up after lunch by taking out the Russian A/T gun, but then the Russians who had due to my tactical lapse had occupied the barn surged out and assaulted the Germans in the opposite building 2 - 1. Meanwhile over on the left the Germans could still not make their shots count, whilst the combined fire from the Russians finally saw them off, it all went pear shaped for Germans after that. Final score at turn 6 was 5 - 1. I must really use the down option more, perhaps with the -2 to hit in V2 I will remember to.
A most enjoyable game for a throw the toys on the table bash.

Now We Are For It 

I Think We Should Move Chaps

The Stug And Russians Play Hide And Seek
The great Comrade General Robinski is off to the mountains of Rhanzlistan next week I believe.



  1. Fine pictures, very fair account! I'm still awake too!!!!!!

    1. The adrenaline of success, I blame altitude sickness for my less than satisfactory performance :-)

  2. Great looking game........bolt action gets a lot of criticism some I think unjustified..having said that I am not sure I want to get the updated version ?

    1. Bolt Action is what is, a game set in WWII, can't see the point in criticising it, if you don't like a particular aspect change it, I say, and there are plenty more WWII rules available. I have ordered V2, most of the changes appear for the better, but can't help feeling that templates are a bit back to the future, would have been better to tone HE down a bit IMHO.

    2. PS. We used the additional dice for mg' s from V2, much better, but not when you roll four 1s of course.

  3. Great looking game and we quite enjoy Bolt action for easy pick up games.


  4. Thank you Christopher, it was a fine game indeed. We think Bolt Action do the job, especially if you don't want your brain to ache later, deciding which unit to activate can be quite a challenge none the less.

  5. Splendid stuff and I do have a soft spot of any SU-76 I espy. Personally I've pretty much given up on Bolt Action, it's a good enough game system but really does not feel very WWII at all.

  6. Thank you Paul, yup the SU 76 is a fine beast, I will be adding more when PSC release their plastic ones.

  7. Wow, wonderful pictures, love your units and scenery...excellent report!

  8. Thanks Phil, glad you like it.
    It will be Bolt Action Espana next time.