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Monday 1 June 2015

A Great War Game, At Last!

Today we finally managed to conduct the planned Great War game that was postponed due to domestic and family matters over the last few weeks. We had intended to use the Chain Of Command Great War variant, but keen to play and for ease of play we went with what we knew and used amended Bolt Action. We shall use CoC for the next Great War outing.
Overhead Shot Of The Battlefield, Taken By The Intrepid Allied Pilot Capt. Biccles
The British Begin Their Advance, The Vickers MG Is Deployed In A Sustained Fire Role On The Right Flank, Technically Off Table But Deployed In Shrapnel Villa For The Look Of The Thing

The British Deploy Their Rifle Grenadiers On The Left Flank To Support The Attack, A Rolling Barrage Creates Few Gaps In The Wire But Keeps The Hun Pinned In Their Bunkers
The British Advance Nears The Wire, There Is Little Sign Of The Germans Except For Some Rather Sporadic And Ineffective Maxim Fire, Poor Quality Ammunition Or The Effect Of The Bombardment? 

The Germans Make A Belated Appearance In The Front Line Trench Where When They Mounted The Parapet To Fire Were Met With Withering Musketry By The Now Numerous British

British Rifle Grenadiers Are Pinned Down By Maxim Fire, But It Gives Their Comrades Chance To Force The German Trench

The German Morale Collapses Under The Tremendous Avalanche Of Fire, Their Advancing Supporting Section Retires To The Second Line As A Result

The Tardy MkIV Arrives, But The Infantry Have Already Done The Necessary Work
Having Seen Off Their Opponents The British Bomber Section Prepare To Enter The Tunnel To The Church Crypt, Meanwhile A Rifle Section Heads Around To Cover The Exit

Up At The Top Of The Picture The Other British Sections Keep The Second Line Trench Under Fire Having Destroyed The Maxim Team 

Leunant Weiss And His Staff Prepare To Exit The Crypt

The Germans did have another section in reserve but there was no real way that they could deploy and not come under heavy fire, besides which they would have been heavily outnumbered and would not have been able to save the day for the defending Germans. Had the Germans manned the front line sooner things may have been different, but Dave's plan of attack seemed pretty sound, a well deserved win.



  1. Wonderful pictures and report of a splendid game, Phil!

  2. Lovely stuff, good to see the ruined church in action.

    1. Thanks Paul.
      It was great to see your splendid game on Sunday.

  3. Absolutely brilliant Phil. Great terrain, lovely figures. How did I miss that ruined church before? It's terrific!

  4. Thank you Adam, it's easily done there is so much to see in the blogosphere these days, and thank you for the inspiration to make it too.

  5. Brilliant Phil- I love the idea of having a HQ base in the crypt!!

    Nice Bat Rep and some very nice photo's..... do you do any demo games? If so where mate?


    1. Thanks Darrell, we used to do demo games mostly at Partizan, WMMS and Phalanx. With there just being the two of us in the main it got a tad harder to do, especially as we got older :-), so apart from the odd one at our local show WMMS we stopped. It would be nice to do one at the next and last Partizan at Kelham in September, for old times sake.

  6. Great looking pictures, a wonderful report with a fantastic end, this crypt is awesome!

  7. Thanks Phil, glad you enjoyed it.