Monday, 9 February 2015

Church Hill II

Digging out or should that be digging in?

The underground crypt entrance will join up with my Ironclad Miniatures trench system, I am currently adding some disturbed gravestones and a toppled over angel statue together with some other debris.

To be continued


  1. Saw this today while we took a break in our game. It's going to be a stunning piece when it's finished!

  2. Looking great thus far Phil.

    I really do wish I had the space to make some decent terrain at the mo'. I've got a lot of ideas and you can guarantee that as soon as I have the space all will be forgotten :>(

    Keep up the stirling work.


    1. Thanks Darrell. Yup space is the enemy of most of us, not sure where I'm going to store this at moment.