Saturday, 21 January 2012

Game 2 - 2012 - First Carlist war

The second game of 2012 here at OHQ was a First Carlist War game using Black Powder rules. Dave took command of the Isabelino's this time, his force consisted of 2 battalions of  the British Auxiliary Legion with a Royal Marine Rocket Battery attached, a battalion of Spanish Line and a battalion of Spanish light infantry together with a squadron of line cavalry. I commanded the Carlist force of four infantry battalions, a squadron of lancers and an artillery battery.
The Carlist artillery battery was "dug in" on Rawnsla Hill together with an infantry battalion, which in turn was protected by another battalion to its right flank.
  Dave began the game by advancing the Spanish line and light battalions into the corn field, unfortunately they did not follow the instruction to form line once there and so became an easy target for the Carlist artillery stationed on Rawnsla Hill.
There must have been some mix up over on Dave's right as the British Auxiliary Legion appeared not to receive the order to advance
Meanwhile their Carlist adversaries began their advance but the lead battalion had to form square due to the threat from the Isabelino cavalry tasked with supporting the British Legion.
Finally the one battalion of British Legion commenced their advance, encouraged by this the Isabelino line cavalry prematurely charged the Carlist square, as you would expect this was repulsed by the steadfast Carlist square but not without loss, indeed the Carlist brigade commander had to join them to steady them. Meanwhile the Isabelino line and light battalion charged the gun battery and Carlist battalion on Rawnsla Hill. Fighting there began in earnest, but became a side show to the tussle on the left of the Carlist line, some surprisingly accurate rocket fire coupled with fire from the now advancing BAL caused the Carlist square to become disordered and shaken the Isabelino line cavalry seized the opportunity and charged again this time destroying the square but, becoming shaken themselves were not able to follow up their success, and falling prey to fire from the supporting Carlist battalion were themselves forced to break. Meanwhile around Rawnsla Hill one of the Isabelino battalions was destroyed and one of the Carlists also, leaving the remaining Isabelino battalion the unenviable task of assaulting the earthworks again, in the event they were seen off by the combined fire of the artillery and infantry battalion. Over on the Carlist left the Isabelinos without cavalry support and the threat of the Carlist  cavalry were unable to advance on the remaining Carlist battalion so quit the field. Although we only had four battalions and one cavalry and artillery unit a side on a 4x4 table the game lasted one and half hours, so although the Black Powder rules do come into their own on large tables and with several brigades smaller games are possible and certainly enjoyable.



  1. Wondeful figures! Carlist War is a period I have been thinking about for a while but managing to resist - but you are certainly not helping! :-)

  2. Lovely pics and report. It's always a delight to see First Carlist War figures.

    Best wishes


  3. Very nice figures. Are they From the Perry's range?

    1. Yup, with the exception of the Rocket Battery Caisson which is a Hinchliffe piece I believe.

      Thanks for the comments chaps.

  4. Super pictures, Phil, and a grand report on what I felt was a good game, despite the result....

  5. Great looking game.