Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Completed Stuff 2012

Just a small post, more to follow the weekend or sooner. I have at last completed my uhlan unit for a joint 1914 project I am doing with Dave, the target is completion for 2014. Dave has completed the Brits, just awaiting Aly and Dave to add some more bits to the range and hopefully I will have my Germans done too by the time new items come out. We will be writing our own rules for the 1914 period based on the ones we had published in Wargames Illustrated a few years a go.
I have also been busy with commissions below is an artillery supply waggon (Front Rank) for an ongoing War of the Spanish Succession commission, I have also done some early Great War Brits (Great War Miniatures) and some rather splendid  Napoleonic cavalry I cannot elaborate on these as they are not yet on release.
My next post will be a write up of game 2 - 2012 here at OHQ, a First Carlist War set to using Black Powder rules..



  1. Lovely work Phil, just lovely.


  2. Those look fantastic, Phil! I really like the look of those Uhlans! Very, very tempting!

  3. Saw both lots last night during our weekly game and have to say that even those photos barely do your work justice.

  4. I love those Uhlans!!! I have all my WWI minis set for 1917-1918 so I must not fall to the temptation... I must not .. I must...