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Wednesday, 18 December 2019

To The Strongest At Strontium

Monday arrived, Dave aka Bikkagern arrived, the table was set, the forces assembled, let battle commence, victory To The Strongest!
Our first game using Simon Millar's "To The Strongest" rules, well my second but that was a long time ago, details here (clicky).
As with all first outings with a new rule set, things were overlooked, misconstrued (not I might add a fault of how the rules are written, just me) neither of which influenced the final result.
A photo montage with comments below
Both Sides Advance

First Contact On The Roman Right

The Centre Becomes Engaged

Boric Is Taken Prisoner, The Same Was To Happen To Corbinus, Not A Fine Debut For Either

Turn Four, Things Were Looking Bad For The Goths, Their Camp Was Taken By Roman Moorish Cavalry, Another Three Victory Medals Down. But Wait! Turn Five Saw Two Unexpected Gaps In The Roman Line

Despite Bringing In Reinforcements From The Left The Romans Are Surrounded And Defeated

Meanwhile Baldinus, Bikkagern And Their Commands Continue To Fight It Out
A splendid hard fought game with some memorable moments, Dave, "I will not try to activate them again needing a ten, I will go on to the next unit" chit draw? Yes you guessed a ten!
Me, "you will like TtS the fighting is quick and decisive" the above starting in turn four and still going on at the end of play.
We will certainly be using TtS again, in fact Dave has asked me to take the gridded mat over in the New Year to have a bash using his Saxons and Normans.

One more game in 2019, over at Dave's on the 30th for a Very British Civil War bash.



  1. Did not expect to like the rules, being no fan of grids, chits and the like, but was pleasantly surprised by how the game played. Most enjoyable in fact, though winning always helps I find. As you say, we will try again in January in GHQ, once you finish the last two Normans that is.

  2. A fine looking game Phil full of lovely painted figures! Will need to try the rules out at some point, but must admit I don't care for the grids or the space between every unit. I suppose you could put the units tighter together, but for some reason I don't see that often happening in TtS games that I've seen.


    1. Thank you Christopher. Give them a go, a change is as good as a rest they say.

  3. Nice looking battle Phil, sounds like it work out well and gave a good game. Not my cup of tea but everyone to their own and all that.🙂

  4. Great looking game, super looking goths, I like Tts and I also didn't really expect to because of the grids and chits but sounds like you had a good time!
    Best Iain

    1. Thank you Iain. Yes one soon forgets they are there and you can just as easy roll a D10, I stocked up on them just in case.

  5. I find TtS to be a fun and challenging game, much like its ancestor Commands and Colors Ancients.

  6. Those Goths are a thorn in the side of the Empire, good looking battle. I'm drawing maps for Simon at the mo, for his ECW set.

    1. Thank you George. Indeed, damn pesky they are.