Monday, 12 March 2018

A Dark Age Debacle

We wanted something small today so I thought we would give our modified Neil Thomas rules a run out again having made to changes to the effect leaders would have on combat.
Both sides advanced tentatively at first, each weighing the other up before committing, while on the right each sides skirmishers proceeded to fight their own little battle for the game. The Brits fielded their recently built ballista, but it had little effect with its own infantry limiting its deployment.
Eventually both sides decided to get stuck in and all the troops who could were engaged while both hearth guards stood back ready to intervene. Things were even for a time but eventually the British casualties mounted up and units started to disintegrate, giving Bikka the new Saxon warlord is first  convincing victory.

I do need to get some more figures painted so that we can begin our campaign, but I have been diverted to medieval Italy for a joint project with Dave and I now have a terrain commission giving me little time for my own figures so it might not happen until autumn, but we will no doubt have a few games in the meantime to test rule tweeks if nothing else.
Off to WMMS on Sunday, snow permitting.



  1. A joy to play with such a wonderful collection. An even greater joy to win! Nice pictures too!

  2. Yes, well done the Saxons. Buy a Post Office, nothing but spare time (sarcasm, please do not try this at home).

  3. Lovely looking battle......I do like your dark age figures. I have a plan to expand my further out of the skirmish mode but am focusing on ACW again at the moment 🙂

  4. Thank you Matt. I shall look forward to seeing your ACW additions.

  5. Wonderful looking game Phil packed with lovely painted miniatures!


  6. Lots of lovely dark age types, very nice, looking forward to your Italian wars army, time permitting!
    Best Iain

    1. Thank you Iain. The Italian Wars stuff will be a while yet I fear, can't see much movement until after Salute at least :~(

  7. Great looking figures and love your basing!