Monday, 15 May 2017

Pics From Carronade 2017 Part II

First off I would like to thank the organisers and the folk who put on such splendid games and of course the traders who travel far and wide to provide for our needs. Carronade is a grand show indeed, all the games are of a fine standard and I have yet to come across any of the heads down. arses up bugger off we are trying to play brigade there, here's to 2018.
It was nice to meet fellow bloggers Colin and Matt, do check out their super blogs on the sidebar at some point, Carryings On Up The Dale and Wargames In The Dungeon respectively, well worth the click.
I decided to take more pics of the periods that interest me or games that particularly caught my eye, so I apologise to those whose games I have neglected, all were worthy of being snapped.
W.S.ofC.B's Battle of Morlaix 1342

Those Grand Manner Enclosures Are Popular

League Of Augsberg - Great Northern War

With Due Respect To Other Gamers But That's What You Call A Battery!

Westerhope Wargames SYW Game Using Prince August Home Cast Figures

SESWC WWII Aegean 1941, A Change From The Usual Theatres We See

I thought I had taken some of the splendid 42mm Spanish Civil War Game, they may be on the IPad, I will check and post them later. Here they are
Durham Wargames

Can't imagine anyone being interested in what I purchased but here you go -
Wildlife and bases from Warbases
WWII AB Russian Vehicle crew from Fighting15's
Footsore Miniatures Early Saxons and Romano Brits from Ainsty
Double dice holders from Pendraken
A pot of Vallejo Panzer Aces paint for a £1, bargain from ?
Four resin tree stumps from Coriatani
Not a lot but its Partizan next week after all 



  1. Thanks for sharing these wonderful pics Phil!

    1. Your welcome Phil, too good not to be shared, just wish I could do all the other games the same justice.

  2. Thanks for sharing, some splendid games...there just seemed to be too much to do, will try and organise a game next year. Luckily no body was selling 28 mm greek infantry at the flea market or I would have come home with them as well ! Are the dice holders for KoW you see I am interested ­čÖé

    1. Indeed they are Matt, all based up ready for tomorrow's Roman v Goth deathmatch.

  3. Replies
    1. Indeed, the bulk of them sculpted by Dave's son Matt.

  4. Love the colourful period games...look great.

  5. Grand pictures there Phil. I think it will be mostly 28mm Romans who die later today.