Monday, 7 April 2014

The Defeat Of Don Byklos, A First Carlist War AAR

Don Byklos popped over to OHQ today for a First Carlist War game using Black Powder rules, his force was tasked with securing the bridge over the Rio Rawnsla. There to attempt to thwart his efforts was a Carlist force of two battalions and an artillery battery, with the promise of a further three battalions and a few cavalry squadrons to arrive around turn six.
It was obvious to the Don that he needed to advance rapidly and sweep aside the defending Carlists whilst he had superior numbers.

The Field Of Battle, Rio Rawnsla is cross able where the rocks and reeds appear due to a low rainfall of late. 

Carlist Forces Await The Christino Attack

The Carlist Battery Readies To Fire

Carlist Skirmishers Line The Bank
British Auxiliary Legion Storm Across The Bridge

Where They Prepare To Overwhelm The Carlist Defenders

Hand-to-Hand Fighting  Ensues 

Hey! Where Are You Lot Going?  The Don Rolls A Blunder

Royal Marine Rocket Battery Lays Down Some Unusually Accurate Fire

First Hit Of Many On Target!!!!!!

The Success Was Not Going To Apply To The Dons Reaction Throws, The BAL In Headlong Retreat

Closely Followed By Their Comrades On The Right 

Carlists Fire On The Remaining Christino Battalion
A sound plan from the Don which despite the none arrival of his cavalry and horse artillery looked in the earlier stages as if it would succeed, unfortunately the dice gods deserted him just when he needed them, the Carlists did not even have need of their tardy reinforcements. Tal es la guerra.

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  1. A really superb looking game!!! The Carlist War has always been something i fancy dabbling in but the Scenario book that I had my heart set on sold out and I think I would really need it to get going as I've no experience of designing scanarios in this period.


  2. Super pictures, Phil, and a fair account of the game in all honesty. I had a good plan, even a cunning one, but the dice gods thought otherwise...

  3. Very nice looking game! ...must resist urge to start new period.....