Friday, 28 March 2014

Attack At Bois Hazel Part One

We recently played a Great War game here at OHQ using Bolt Action rules with Gajo Games amendments and the inclusion of an event dice. Dave commanded the German forces whilst Jon took command of the attacking British forces. The game would last for twelve turns and then a D6 throw would determine additional turns.
The British objectives were the two emplacements at either end of the forward trench line, the villa at the end of the second trench line and the bunker in the second trench line, to achieve this they would have two sections of nine men with a Lewis gun, a section of nine men four with rifle grenades, a section of bombers (classed as tough fighters) and two nine man rifle sections. In reserve dicing to come on after turn three, a MkIV, a Whippet and a supporting rifle section, these would enter on the road. They would also have a rolling barrage hitting the wire on turn one, the first line trench on turn two and the second line trench on turn three.
Starting the game the Germans would have three rifle sections of nine men, one of which would have a captured Lewis gun, a Maxim machine gun, a grenade launcher and an anti-tank gun. In reserve dicing to come on after turn five would be an A7V and two nine man sections of storm troops one with a MG08/15 LMG, the A7V would enter on the road the storm troops in the second line communication trenches.
Not being aware of the British objectives Dave chose to deploy the Maxim in the left hand emplacement and the anti-tank gun in the right one, two sections of infantry would deploy in the front line trench with the third in the communication trench between the front and second lines, the grenade launcher was deployed in a shell hole in no-mans land the German side of the wire.
The British initially attacked on the German right flank and centre, unfortunately the bombardment had only broke the German wire over on the German left flank and straight in front of the deployed Maxim!
To be continued