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Friday 16 September 2011

David Bailey, I think not.

Well I was going to accompany this entry with pics of our Great War set to using "Through the Mud and Blood" featuring my Great War terrain boards, alas the colour balance was that far adrift even Photoshop couldn't get them looking half decent, oh well better luck next time. As much as I would like to make boards in the style of ( if you haven't visit Sid's blog, do so, its excellent), I do not have the storage space, so I have put towelling on the B side of three of my boards and sprayed them with brown shades as well as green, the effect is quite acceptable, on top I will put my Ironclad Miniatures trenches, shell holes, barbed wire etc. Pics when I get a better camera. How did the game go, well despite a great deal of hesitation from Dave the British player, my German defenders were eventually overrun, sorry again for lack of photo's. This week we played a game of Hail Caesar over at Dave's, again another loss for yours truly. My two divisions in the centre steadfastly refused to advance, meanwhile my troops on the flank were destroyed one by one, allowing Dave's cavalry to envelope the rear of my tardy forces.
Again commission work is impacting on my own painting, I have however completed another base of Wars of the Roses billmen, a base of early Great War German uhlans and two late Great War British bombers so that I can now field the representative number in the bombing section, a total of 6 figures for myself this month :-(. I cannot post without putting up anything, so here are some shots, using my wifes new Nikon S3100,  from an ongoing War of the Spanish Succession commission.
Dismounted British Dragoons, more pics on my website in the photo's section

 All figures are Front Rank, based for "Beneath the Lily Banners" the client will add a guidon.

Till next time.


  1. Lovely work Phil, love the colours.



  2. Fantastic painting, love the added broken fence, first class!!