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Monday, 6 July 2015

Don Byklos Follows Through

Following his stunning victory at the Rawnla valley, Don Byklos is keen to maintain the initiative and so pursues the Carlist general Don Fillipe with a view to engage his now depleted force again before he can be reinforced by fresh volunteer battalions.
So the scene is set for our latest game here in OHQ, the game would be played out using the Black Powder rule set with movement and ranges reduced to 66%.
The forces of Don Byklos comprise of two brigades
Brigade 1. Three infantry battalions all with the First Fire and the Must Form Square rule.
                 One line cavalry regiment with the Lancers rule
                 One horse artillery battery with the Marauder rule.
Brigade 2. Two British Auxiliary Legion battalions all with the First Fire and the Must Form Square rule.
                 One unit of attached skirmisher, small unit, skirmishers rule.
                 One Royal Marine Rocket Battery
 The forces of Don Fillipe Hijoderobin comprise of one brigade on the table, a further brigade of newly raised recruits is expected to arrive asap
On table;  Three infantry battalions, all with the First Fire and Must Form Square rule and one with the
                 addition of the Elite rule, in this case 4+
                 One line cavalry regiment with the Lancers rule.
                 One foot artillery battery
To arrive:   Two newly raised volunteer battalions both with the unreliable rule
                  One unit of attached skirmisher, small unit, skirmishers rule.
We have played previous games without an overall C in C so I thought it about time I got a couple of figures painted up to represent us on the table.
Don Fillipe Hijoderobin

Don Carlos Byklos

Things started badly for the Carlists, the newly raised battalions would not arrive until turn three at the earliest, the first brigade would have to hold off the numerically superior Isabelino forces until then. The Isabelino forces fresh from their victory had their dander up and advanced rapidly on the outnumbered Carlists, one Carlist battalion surged forward, unfortunately it was not supported by its fellows and subsequently paid the price, being wiped out by combined Isabelino fire. Meanwhile the rather timid Carlist cavalry were charged by their Isabelino counterparts and were forced to retire, this in turned forced the other infantry battalion to form square. The brigade commander, Diego Olivera tried desperately to rally the Carlist cavalry, but instead the callow fellows retreated further. Over on the left the remaining Carlist battalion was being advanced up by the whole of the second Isabelino brigade, desperately awaiting the arrival of the fresh battalions. These duly arrived but were hesitant to get into action, this handed the initiative back to the Isabelinos, who took full advantage of there timidness, by the end of turn five it was really all in for the Carlists, who had no choice but to surrender. Don Filippe managed to escape but it remains to be seen if he will get another command after another dismal failure.
Isabelino Light Infantry Regiment, from a pen and ink sketch by an unknown officer of the British Auxiliary Legion

Don Carlos Byklos with a Royal Marine Rocket troop in the background

 The next  game will not be until the 27th as I have been summoned for jury service again. Dave has a Rapid Fire D-Day game planned to christen his newly created beach boards.



  1. Great stuff! Lovely looking table!

    1. Thank you for taking the time to comment Gordon, glad you approve.

  2. Great stuff Phil.... I love the Perry Carlist War range!! One of their best and certainly most colourful!


    1. Thanks Darrell, yes it is a rather good range, it's a shame Michael seems to have abandoned it. I was hoping he would finish the Carlists in shell jackets that he started at least.

  3. I thought it a grand game, the more so because my bold stroke paid off! Where next will Don Felipe rear his traitorous head I wonder?

  4. Not sure, but fear not he will be back.

    Hasta la Vista, baby.