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Thursday, 16 August 2018

A Not So Black Day

As mentioned in my previous post Dave came over for a Great War game using Bolt Action rules. The Germans are in retreat a small rear guard is left behind to delay the Allied advance, they must hold Tommy at bay for six turns, maybe seven, in game terms this will be a draw, if however they manage to drive the advance back it will be a victory.
To off set some of the casualties the British could expect I decided to use the spotting rule from Battlegroup rules, this would allow for early morning mist and the British making use of the many shell craters as cover.
 The German Line.

The British Advance.

Slightly Shaken By The British Bombardment The Germans Await The Attack.

The Atmospheric Shot.

The British Pick Their Way Through No Mans Land, Although The Bombardment Had Been Effective In Cutting Wire It Was Not The Case In A Critical Area, This Would Eventually Lead To The British Attempt To Turn The German Flank And Win The Game Fail. 

The Tank Breaks Through, To Little, To Late To Effect A British Victory
A finely balanced game, tipped in the Germans favour by the wire being uncut in the worse place for the British, one of wargames hilarious moments as the sections either side were destroyed, meaning that the British had to negotiate through boggy ground to achieve their aims with little time remaining for such a delay, c'est la guerre.

I have found Mark Pipers Rapid Fire 1918 amendments online so will be giving them a try next outing.


Tuesday, 14 August 2018

Cataphractari And Lanciarii

Additions to my 3rd century Romans, the cats are from Aventine Miniatures while the lanciarii are A and A Castings, the two figures in helmets have Aventine head swaps, the javelin holders are made with plastic coffee stirrers and Milliput, with LBMS shield transfers, bases as ever are by Warbases.

Dave came over to OHQ today, we played a Great War game using Bolt Action rules, more on this anon.


Wednesday, 8 August 2018

Yet more Medici

I have finished off another base of figures for our Italian extravaganza, a unit of halberdiers, all Perry metals and a Perry flag from the plastics box, bespoke base from Warbases. Primed ready for painting next are another base of mounted condottiere, but first I must finish off the Roman cataphracts and lanciarii that have been staring at me accusingly for quite a while now.

This brings my total of painted figures for the year to 112 added to the terrain pieces I have done I am quite pleased with my progress so far.


Wednesday, 25 July 2018

More Terrain Bits For Spain

More terrain items added to my Spanish collection, all from the ever excellent Grand Manner. The windmill is awaiting material for the sails before I finish it.

Monday, 23 July 2018

Volver al fuego rápido

For this weeks game we return to Espana for a Civil War encounter using Rapid Fire rules, however it will be 1:1 scale rather than 15:1, though I am sure the majority of people consider it as 1:1 anyway when they are playing.
However we will not consider LMG’s as integral, so squads with a LMG will add 5 fire points at short range and 3 fire points at medium/long range, if any figure has a SMG it will add 2 fire points at short range only, the figure holding the weapon will not count for fire points as well though.
We will also allow HMG's and squads with LMG's and small arms which total 6 or more fire points fire at armoured vehicles counting as Gun Class 6, although they cannot damage the vehicle a result of light damage or heavy damage will cause the vehicle to take a morale test.
Both the Legion of the Bando Nacional and the Internationals of the EPR will test morale as elite and fire as regulars.
The latest addition to my collection, a WoW buildings train station.

The battlefield for today

La Legion deploy

The EPR enter the table also.

The EPR Bilbao A/C slinks into partial cover.

La Legions failed outflank

The would be flankers about to be flanked

The Bilbao comes out of hiding after the PzI retires

The PzI prepares to cover the retreat

 The engagement began with a game of cat and mouse, both sides being cagey with their movement, I managed to manoeuvre myself into a corner on the left whilst I attempted a flanking advance on the right, my troops totally misjudged the density of the cover they used, only moving six inches in five moves, eek! In the centre the Bilbao and the PzI traded shots, I could not bring any extra fire to bear due to my poor positioning earlier whilst the Republican forces did, the combined fire finally made my PzI retire, while on my left the Republicans mopped up my isolated squads.
With casualties mounting and the flanking force grinding to a halt the CO ordered a withdraw leaving yet another village in Republican hands.

We both enjoyed the game immensely, with some hilarious moments, mostly at a cost to the Nationalists I might add.
We thought Rapid Fire worked well, even with the generous amount of cover if we had been using Bolt Action I think it would have been a blood bath, especially with the small size of Spanish squads.

Hasta la vista.

Thursday, 5 July 2018

El número dos llega

The second game this week was played out last night, Jon commanded the Christino forces while I took the Carlist forces. The Carlists had occupied the town of Rawnsla with two freshly raised battalions of volunteers their stamina would be unknown until they saw action so they were supported by a battalion of veteran Navarre guides and a squadron of the Ontario hussars. A further Brigade was on its away, but it was to be intercepted by two brigades of the Christino army, one Spanish Brigade and a brigade of the British Legion. Both forces deployed outside the town, the Christino forces advanced while the Carlist deployed to receive them, Jon ordered a British Legion to “follow me” and charge a battalion outside town. Result a blunder and they duly charged the volunteers in town, despite only turning out to have a stamina value of one the volunteers held and next turn sent the attackers off in rout, meanwhile the British Legion lancers charged the other volunteers advancing in support, their stamina turned out to be a 4! They duly formed square/oblong😀 and beat off the attack, Jon followed up on the left flank with another blunder and the line cavalry disappeared off the table, things were looking good for the Carlist cause, but then the British Marine rocket battery actually hit something and sent a Carlist battalion off in rout. Not to be deterred Jon ordered another charge by the British Legion, this ended with them being routed, a Carlist victory you may feel, so did I, but it was not be, the pressure on the one Carlist battalion was too much and they also routed, soon followed by another, the Navarre guides were sent to bolster the left flank but it was too late, another battalion was forced to retire shaken which saw them leave the table, the brigade was broken. A Christino battalion, emboldened by beating of the Carlist Navarre lancers earlier in the game supported by the now returned cavalry advanced towards them compelling them to retire this also saw them retire from the table. The Navarre guides were now on their own, with the volunteers being held in the town by the threat of the British lancers they would be unable to lend support so the field was conceded. A most enjoyable game of Black Powder, although things can look to be going your way it is surprising how one thing can turn the tide the other way. Some photo shots of the action in no particular order follow, next week I shall be away, we are off to Dorset, somehow I have managed to miss the Tank Fest and Battlegroup South at Bovington, being away in between both, I will also be away for Barrage on Sunday, very poor planning on my part there.

Monday, 2 July 2018

On The Buses.

You wait for nearly a month for a game at OHQ then two come together. Today Dave made his first solo trip to OHQ since his hip op for a Spanish Civil War game and Jon is scheduled to come on Wednesday for a First Carlist War game.
For today's game I used Bolt Action rules, a straight up encounter between La Legion and Carlist Requettes and Anarchist militia supported by the International Brigade with the winner being the side which eliminated more enemy units.
I added an additional dice to the order dice in the bag this would generate a random event from the card deck, six cards one for each turn chosen randomly from my deck of eighteen cards by Dave before the game. Both sides would nominate which of their platoons would attempt to enter the table first, these would be required to pass an order test to enter. Once all these had been allocated dice the other platoon could attempt to enter with a minus one to their roll, any sections not on table in turn one would have to be given orders to enter in turn two before any on table sections could be given any. Units who failed to enter on turn two would be considered lost.
Dave as usual took command of the government forces while I took command of the rebels.
The Scene Of Today's Action
Turn one saw both sides with units still to enter the table, with the advantage to the rebels, the random card draw gave one of the rebel sections an extra move, this got a section of Legion to the stable yard wall. The Casa Blanca proved more of an hindrance to the rebels as it only had one window facing the government troops line of approach, I should really have just occupied the yard at the back and concentrated the remaining sections around the stable block, especially as that was where the main government thrust came from.
Turn two saw all units from both sides on table, with the run of the order dice enabling the rebels to concentrate their sections around the stables and position their 50mm mortar teams, meanwhile a section of anarchists stormed up the road drawing rebel fire away from the approach of the Internationals on their right. The card draw saw the removal of a government order dice for that turn, slowing their advance only slightly.
A Curious Bull Looks On At The Advancing Internationals
On to turn three, the Legion although being stubborn veterans still suffer from their small squad size, the section manning the wall against the advancing Internationals being depleted and pinned by them were assaulted by a anarchist section and wiped out. The Siesta Manana card being drawn ended the turn abruptly leaving my Carlists doing nothing this turn.
Things only got worse for the rebels in the next turn, the Republican Air Attack card was drawn, the legion section in the stable yard was targeted, taking two pins and three casualties, in turn they were assaulted by the victorious anarchist squad from the last turn and they too were wiped out to the man. This was to prove curtains for a depleted Legion section also sheltering there next turn, from there the rebels could not hope to redress the balance. Another convincing win for the government forces.
Two To One, I think We May Be Done For, Viva  La Muerte!

I think It May Be A Good Time To Withdraw
Hopefully we will be back in Spain a hundred years earlier on Wednesday.

Hasta La Vista Amigos

Friday, 15 June 2018

More Medici

It's has been a while but I have finally completed some figures of my own, another base of condottiere for the joint project with Dave. Next up a halberdier unit, though it may be a while coming........
Figures are The Assault Group and Foundry, flags from Pete's Flags and the Perry plastic knights box.


Thursday, 7 June 2018

Die Roten Kommen.

Jon came over to OHQ for a game last night, I chose a Battlegroup Fall of the Reich game using the scenario from WSS issue 96.
I had not played a BG game in over a year and Jon even longer, however by turn two we are both more or less in the swing of it again.
When I perused the opposing forces I thought the game would be a walk over for the Russians, the reality was to be otherwise, I think I underestimated the value of the extensive German trenches, a very close game ensued, with lady luck aiding and deserting both sides in equal measure too.
When close of play came the Russians had not achieved their objective and were one, two at most chit draws from breaking off the assault and withdrawing, whilst the vastly depleted Germans were still in fine fettle with ten BR points away, a real backs to the wall performance from the Volksgrenadiers. We thought that if play continued the Russians would reach their BR before they could wipe out the last surviving Volksgrenadiers, so a win was awarded to the Germans.
The big open space on the table did not make for great photo opportunities, but here are a few for a flavour of the action.
Setting The scene.

A T34 is panzerschrecked
I believe we are being flanked Hans

One down two to go.

Advancing IS2 prior to being KO'd by a nebelwerfer barrage
Back to GHQ next week where Baldinus and Pompous will again battle for control of the empire.


Monday, 4 June 2018

Of Pike And Plate

Today over at GHQ we had our inaugural Italalian Wars game, combining our painted units to make up two equalish protagonists. We used Neil Thomas’s Pike and Shot rules with a smattering of his Medieval rules.
I was too much concentrating on the rules etc. to take much notice of my defeat at the hands of the debauched Borgias, Dave will no doubt be along over on the Tales From GHQ blog with all the gory details, in the meantime some pictures from the game to give you a taster.

If all goes according to plan next up at OHQ will be a Battlegroup, Fall of the Reich game.