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Saturday, 8 December 2018

A Hill In Spain?

A few months ago I started to re purpose an old escarpment that we used for the Back of Beyond game we took on the show circuit, I adapted a Chinese fort we used for the game to sit on top. Dave had given me some surplus buildings from his palazzo build but I could not see where to utilise them with the way the castle sat on the hill so the project had stalled. Then a couple of weeks ago Pat posted pics of his hill top village build, suitably inspired, and with sitting down for figure painting time curtailed by a bout of sciatica, terrain I can do standing, I removed the castle and set about the hill, without the castle in situ it would be more versatile and I could  then work on the castle as a separate piece which would still fit on the hill.
Here is the result.....
With buildings.....

My latest additions to the Republican forces advance stealthily up the path....
I may extend it in due course, but will wait until Pat 's Mediterranean book is published for further inspiration and tips.

I am off to GHQ Monday for a Seven years War game and Jon is due Tuesday evening for a foray in the Spanish Civil War using my Battlegroup/Bolt Action/Chain of Command mash up.


Thursday, 29 November 2018

A Station East

Having long coveted the Lancer Miniatures eastern front railway station, a small tax refund and Kievan attending Colours meant that it would finally be mine, a pre show order was placed and collected. Although I really should crack on with Rahnstadt. I could not resist painting the little beauty first.

The figures in the last photo are from left to right OOP Battlefield, FAA and Elheim


Sunday, 25 November 2018

Some Crossbows

To deliver Medici medicine to the beastly Borgias.
Keep an eye out for the latest action in GHQ later this week.


Monday, 19 November 2018

Breakfast In Bikkelheim?

General Bikkliski was suitably recovered to announce that he would like "breakfast in Bikkelheim".
So the attack got underway, it appears some troops were not expecting his recovery so soon and were a bit slow out of the blocks. However the Germans it appears were not keen to sell their lives so dearly for the Fatherland, and they too did not get going in numbers until turn three. The troops that did arrive were treated to a timed artillery strike, pinning all but one of their units on table, not a good start, one BR counter for being out scouted, one for the Russians having one of the objectives and one to unpin at the end of the turn.

Turn three and the Russians were well on their way, luckily for the volksturm holding Bikkelheim, this turn also saw the arrival of the German Hetzer battery, one vehicle of which took out a T34, unfortunately the orders roll was a double one, which with two officers only gave them four orders so little else was achieved, although several units had again been pinned so there was not much scope to inflict further pain anyway.

 Turn four took place after our lunch, so the General did not make breakfast, would he get lunch?
Now unpinned the volksturm let loose with two panzerfausts from the town, would they miss? of course two, ones! I don't know how I do it. My Hetzer advanced to the edge of town, could it do better? don't be daft, hit yes! dice for penetration, Bob Hope. The return shot from the target was not as forgiving, KABOOM!

To add insult to injury the Russians drew a BR counter to un-pin units and drew an air attack counter to dice for on turn five, arghh! Never mind thought I, they never turn up, should have known better.

Four Rockets At The German Supply Wagon On its Way To Re-supply  My Now Depleted Hetzers, You Can Guess Where The Fourth Hit
A counter for the air attack, one for the destroyed supply wagon, one more counter and it will be curtains, next Russian order, AP at the remaining Hetzer. Good Night Vienna, another Russian win, now up three points up in the campaign.

The Russians Advance Into Bikkelheim To Prepare The Generals Lunch
 A fine game, it is never going to easy for the Germans in 1945 and they generally need a little luck, which today was in very short supply, I am off to work out how much time they have bought for the chaps in the next defence position.


Sunday, 18 November 2018

Bikkelheim Awaits

Although Soviet General Bikkliski is a tad out of sorts, unfortunately the for the volksturm of the town, the assault will go ahead with or without the General at the helm.........

To be continued.......

Thursday, 15 November 2018

Rahnstadt Campaign - Game Three

Having stalled the Soviet advance in the south the Germans must now turn their attention to the east again, General Bikkliski has re-supplied and renewed the attack. The Germans need time to prepare for the onslaught and have sent a battery of Hetzers to support the Volksturm in Bikkelheim who must delay the Soviet advance rather than retreat, artillery support will also be on hand.

Monday, 15 October 2018

I Know I Said.....

No more posts this year, but yes but no but. Today Dave came over to OHQ for our inaugural game using Black Powder 2nd Edition, we both agreed that we could not let it go unrecorded.
I used a scenario form Neil Thomas's "One Hour Wargames" book, Take The High Ground, which itself is derived from Charles S Grant's "Scenarios For Wargames".
We used my First Carlist War collection for the action, the forces were...…
Carlists Forces
1st Brigade - 3 battalions line infantry - Standard - First Fire, Skirmish
                      1 group of skirmishers - Small - First Fire, Skirmish
2nd Brigade -1 battalion infantry - Standard - First Fire, Skirmish
                      2 battalions infantry - Standard - First Fire, Freshly Raised, Skirmish
To reflect the inherent ammunition shortages all the Carlist battalions would fire with two dice, but to reflect their perchance for close combat they would get the Tough Fighter rule.
One battalion and the skirmishers would start the game occupying the hill.
Isabelino Forces   
1st Brigade - 2 battalions line infantry - Standard - First Fire
                      1 battalion light infantry - Standard - First Fire, Skirmish
                      4 squadrons of line cavalry - Standard
2nd Brigade  2 battalions British Auxiliary Legion - Standard - First Fire, Skirmish
                      1 battalion  British Auxiliary Legion Rifles - Standard - First Fire, Skirmish
                      2 Squadrons BAL Lancers - Small - Lancers
                      1 Royal Marine Rocket Battery
The Isabelino forces must be in unopposed possession of the hill by turn twelve or have forced the Carlist forces to quit the field.
The Carlist Left Advances

The Carlists And BAL Clash

Action On The Right Flank

Stasis On The Left Flank

The Carlists Are About To Charge

While The Infantry Engage In A Firefight The BAL Lancers Enter The Fray
It turned out to be a very to and thro game, one side looking to have the upper hand, then the other making a swift rally, the thing we most like about Black Powder is you can never say you are done till the fat lady sings.
All though the Carlists had some success the superior firepower of the Isabelinos finally led to both brigades becoming broken in turn eleven, so close yet so far from victory.

There are various reviews on second edition now so no need to repeat the glaring mistake and other lesser errors here. We liked the re-roll for commanders, I have always thought it odd that the C in C could command so many other units and do his job at the same time, as it says in the book the first edition approach is more suited to smaller and colonial actions. We did not have any evades to sample this new rule, but the rockets, which we never found very effective in first edition anyway is certainly more unpredictable and dangerous, as it should be.

Are the changes worth forking out for? maybe not, but then I have both Albion supplements, Rebellion and Glory Hallelujah, both of which "I don't need" just because.


Tuesday, 2 October 2018

Taking A Break

Looking back over the blog it is all becoming a little repetitive so I will be taking a break until the new year when I may have something different to blog you never know 😉. Thank you all for the comments and encouragement over the year.

Monday, 1 October 2018

Robinski Routed

You may recall way back in February last year we played the first game in the Rawnstadt campaign, no? me neither I had to look it up.
Well the second game would focus on General Robinski's attack from the south, this would be easy, the Germans were focusing all their efforts on stemming the Red tides advance from the east under General Bikkliski. The southern sector would only be thinly held, Robinski gleaned from prisoner interrogation and reconnaissance reports that the road to Rawnstadt would only be held by infantry so launched his assault accordingly. In the haste to attack, the re-supply of the tanks was not achieved, so only the ISII had a full supply of HE the three T34s had an over stock of AT (I thought it a tad unfair that knowing the scenario I could load up with all HE, so before the game I diced for each T34s ammo mix, I am too kind methinks).
Unknown to the Soviets the Germans were well dug in along a ridge intersected by the road to Rawnstadt, when this was discovered the attack had the benefit of an air and artillery strike, it certainly helped but troops in reinforced cover are hard to shift. The attack started well but I attacked on too narrow a front and too tardily, the infantry held back to long and came under heavy fire and it was not long before several squads were either pinned down or forced to retreat. The Germans launched a pre-registered nebelwerfer strike, from which the Soviets got of lightly, only one T34 being pinned the other was pinned by a hit from the only two effective shots from the German Pak40, more on the second later.
The Infantry Appear Reluctant To Leave The Cover Of The Woods

Meanwhile Their More Enthusiastic Comrades Take Cover In The Corn Field

A T34 Is Knocked Out By A Panzerschrek Shot

Meanwhile The ISII Burns On The Left

The Reason It Burns, I Pull An Ammo Low Chit, Result The PAK40 Has One More Shot Before Running Out. I Don't Belieeeve It!

With Only One Full Infantry Squad Is Left, It Is All Up For Robinski's Attack, Another Chit Pull Confirms The Inevitable And The Attack Is Aborted
Well I can go on about my inability to pin or hit the entrenched Germans and my uncanny ability to roll ones when testing morale, but at the end of the day my tactics were poor. Result the Germans have now evened up the score in the campaign, but due to the poor showing by Robinski, the forces of Bikkliski will no doubt get an influx of troops to continue the main thrust, while a nice desk awaits Robinski somewhere.


Wednesday, 19 September 2018

Property With Potential?

Earlier in the year I purchased another Warlord Games ruined farmhouse to add to my Spanish property portfolio. Rather than do it as a bombed out building I decided to do it as an old building abandoned to the elements.

Check out Tales From GHQ for the latest game report there, next one here will be on 1st October.


Monday, 10 September 2018

Kampf An Der Brücke

A photo montage of today’s eastern front game using Battlegroup rules using order dice to decide which side could issue orders during the turn which I mentioned in the previous post..
A totally inept performance by Germans, that would be me of course, gifted victory to the Russians, commanded by Comrade General Bikkliski
The Russians will enter from the top right corner and the Germans from the bottom left.
The Germans failed to take advantage of their early initiative and find themselves hemmed in on the wrong side of the bridge.
Russian reserves surge forward in support of the initial wave.
The Germans in desperation send an ill fated assault across the bridge, a case of to little to late, needless to say it is decisively driven off
The Russians continue to consolidate
A T34 lies in wait to side shot any Stug that ventures across the bridge.
The Pak40 is destroyed by an HE hit from a T34

It became evident before lunch that the Germans were never going to drive off the advancing Russians, but needing to play on to keep the rules fresh in mind we carried on further until time ran out. When time ran out the Germans were two Battle Rating points off breaking, whilst the Russians were over ten away, this will gain them three victory points in our loose ongoing 1943 campaign.
Next game we will continue with the 1945 Rawnstadt campaign where the Russians also have a three to nil lead.


Wednesday, 5 September 2018

Die Brücke

This has been staring at me accusingly in its grey primer for more years than I care to remember, I could bear it no longer. I set to this week and put it out of its misery, and will reward its patience by making it an objective in the game on Monday.


Tuesday, 4 September 2018

Well Jim You Did.....

Mention chickens, another little piece to make the table top look inhabited. The well is from Coriatani, the chickens (painted as Spanish white face) from Hovels, the barrel and bucket from the bits box while the rope is made from twisted fuse wire, base from Warbases.
Suitably inspired by another namesake, jimbibblyblog I have got around to adding sails to the windmill, James used Japanese calligraphy paper for his 15mm creation, I jokingly asked my wife if she had any in her card making stuff, no but I do have some vellum said she, ideal thinner than paper and stronger. Here it is pictured on my latest terrain board, now my river does not have to run across the four foot part all the while, the sails are not has white as the photo suggests.
Yesterday was a full day over at GHQ as I had to drop my wife off for an hospital appointment early AM and drop her back at work around lunchtime, which just happens to be around the corner from GHQ. After a dry brushing session on the excellent buildings Dave has made up we set to with another outing with our Italian Wars collection, trying out our latest modifications to the Neil Thomas rules we use, we have decided a few more tweaks/additions for next time. For a full report of the action pop over to Dave's blog, The Battle of San Philippe
Here are a few taster pics wot I took.

Here at OHQ next week I plan a return to the Russian front using Battlegroup rules, after watching an AAR on UTube, The Acceptable Casualties I was reading the comments, one said that they did not like IgoUgo games so they dice for orders each turn and that result they add the amount of Bolt Action order dice applicable for each sides orders to a bag and draw them out. Its sounds an interesting twist so we will give it a try. Stay tuned.


Sunday, 26 August 2018

How Does Your Garden Grow

I have often thought when I have set up the table for our games set in Spain that there was something missing, I recently visited Pat Smith's Blog, and there was the answer, gardens/cultivation around the buildings.
Here is the first one, more to follow when time permits. No game this week, due to the Bank Holiday and Dave and myself both having family commitments to attend to later in the week.


Thursday, 16 August 2018

A Not So Black Day

As mentioned in my previous post Dave came over for a Great War game using Bolt Action rules. The Germans are in retreat a small rear guard is left behind to delay the Allied advance, they must hold Tommy at bay for six turns, maybe seven, in game terms this will be a draw, if however they manage to drive the advance back it will be a victory.
To off set some of the casualties the British could expect I decided to use the spotting rule from Battlegroup rules, this would allow for early morning mist and the British making use of the many shell craters as cover.
 The German Line.

The British Advance.

Slightly Shaken By The British Bombardment The Germans Await The Attack.

The Atmospheric Shot.

The British Pick Their Way Through No Mans Land, Although The Bombardment Had Been Effective In Cutting Wire It Was Not The Case In A Critical Area, This Would Eventually Lead To The British Attempt To Turn The German Flank And Win The Game Fail. 

The Tank Breaks Through, To Little, To Late To Effect A British Victory
A finely balanced game, tipped in the Germans favour by the wire being uncut in the worse place for the British, one of wargames hilarious moments as the sections either side were destroyed, meaning that the British had to negotiate through boggy ground to achieve their aims with little time remaining for such a delay, c'est la guerre.

I have found Mark Pipers Rapid Fire 1918 amendments online so will be giving them a try next outing.