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Friday, 15 June 2018

More Medici

It's has been a while but I have finally completed some figures of my own, another base of condottiere for the joint project with Dave. Next up a halberdier unit, though it may be a while coming........
Figures are The Assault Group and Foundry, flags from Pete's Flags and the Perry plastic knights box.


Thursday, 7 June 2018

Die Roten Kommen.

Jon came over to OHQ for a game last night, I chose a Battlegroup Fall of the Reich game using the scenario from WSS issue 96.
I had not played a BG game in over a year and Jon even longer, however by turn two we are both more or less in the swing of it again.
When I perused the opposing forces I thought the game would be a walk over for the Russians, the reality was to be otherwise, I think I underestimated the value of the extensive German trenches, a very close game ensued, with lady luck aiding and deserting both sides in equal measure too.
When close of play came the Russians had not achieved their objective and were one, two at most chit draws from breaking off the assault and withdrawing, whilst the vastly depleted Germans were still in fine fettle with ten BR points away, a real backs to the wall performance from the Volksgrenadiers. We thought that if play continued the Russians would reach their BR before they could wipe out the last surviving Volksgrenadiers, so a win was awarded to the Germans.
The big open space on the table did not make for great photo opportunities, but here are a few for a flavour of the action.
Setting The scene.

A T34 is panzerschrecked
I believe we are being flanked Hans

One down two to go.

Advancing IS2 prior to being KO'd by a nebelwerfer barrage
Back to GHQ next week where Baldinus and Pompous will again battle for control of the empire.


Monday, 4 June 2018

Of Pike And Plate

Today over at GHQ we had our inaugural Italalian Wars game, combining our painted units to make up two equalish protagonists. We used Neil Thomas’s Pike and Shot rules with a smattering of his Medieval rules.
I was too much concentrating on the rules etc. to take much notice of my defeat at the hands of the debauched Borgias, Dave will no doubt be along over on the Tales From GHQ blog with all the gory details, in the meantime some pictures from the game to give you a taster.

If all goes according to plan next up at OHQ will be a Battlegroup, Fall of the Reich game.


Sunday, 20 May 2018

Partizan 2018

Back from yet another splendid show, just when you think it can't get better it does. Lots of wonderful games on display or to participate in yet again this year, once again a big thank you to the organisers, traders and the folk who treat us to the many games on show. Too many games to take pictures of them all, below is a selection of the ones from periods that are of interest to me, there were lots more games equally worthy of a pic or two.
Dave Andrews and Aly Morrison's, La Gorgue Airfield 1918

 Earlswood Wargames Group, Stalingrad

League of Augsburg, War of the Grand Alliance

James Morris and Lenton Gamers, Crete 1941

Caliver Books, Setting the East Ablaze

Dave Imrie, Wars of the Roses

Alan and Michael Perry, AWI - Germantown

Gothenburg Gamers, Suez 1956
Very British Parlour Forum, Very British Civil War
Derby Wargames Society, Great Northern War

And finally - The Big Spend (not)

It will be hard to beat this one but looking forward to August nonetheless.


Monday, 30 April 2018

El Puente

Dave came over to OHQ for the last game before his admission for his op on Star Wars day.
I had decided on a Spanish Civil war action to get my latest building on the table, we used Bolt Action rules, with the addition of a random card draw dice, six cards were drawn prior to the game, one for each turn, two neutral, two favouring the Republic and two favouring the Rebels. Two order dice were taken out of the bag for each side for the game to add further friction, other SCW specific rules were added courtesy of suggestions by Jim Hale and RJH Scales lists grabbed off the now defunct Warlord Forum.
The scenario came from the Bolt Action book, Hold Until Relieved. The objective was a bridge, to win the side must have an infantry unit within six inches of the centre and no enemy within six inches.
The cards drawn were.....
Turn one. Siesta Manana - The turn ended after the next order dice was drawn. This favoured neither side this early in proceedings.
Turn Two. Republican Friction - A Republican order dice is removed for that turn, only a slight irritation at this time.
Turn Three. Siesta - The turn ended - this was to have a greater effect on the Rebels later in the game as it left the Legion squads without any movement towards the bridge.
Turn Four. Viva La Republica - Any Republican Squad could make an additional advance or run order but could not fire or assault. This enabled to the Republicans to get their mortar up and into action a turn earlier, although this was to have no effect on the outcome.
Turn Five -  Republican Confusion - A Republican unit could have a down order put on it, the Rebels could not capitalise on this as all the relevant units had already taken an action.
Turn Six - Nationalist Ammo Low - This is played on a unit and it must return to the baseline to re-supply, this put the Rebel MMG out of the game, although it would need a turn seven for it to have any effect, if at all.
There follows a pictorial narrative of the action..............................................
A Sleepy Idyll In Spain

Until Carlist Militia Deploy To Contest El Puente

Anarchist Militia Advance Upon El Puente 

Carlist Reinforcements Arrive

Followed Up With A Captured T26

The Republic Bring Up Their Hardware Together With Troops Of The International Brigade

Anarchists Seize El Puente, Where Are La Legion?

The Carlists Come Under Heavy Fire

The T26 Adds To The Firepower

The Republicans Are Going To Be Hard To Shift Now

The Armoured Car Is Set On Fire By A Lucky (extremely) Hit

The Legion Appear To Late, The Carlist Militia Are Shattered And They Cannot Reach The Bridge In Time
With hindsight I should have deployed the Legion on the opposite side, the side I deployed on offered them cover on the approach but this hindered their advance and the turn end card compounded the problem, the Carlist Militia just could not hold out that long, so the bridge was lost.
Well that is all from OHQ for a while now until Dave recovers enough to travel, I will of course post on my painting progress when it does progress that is.