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Monday, 4 November 2019

Anarchist Attack

This one's for you Nigel, you beat the bastard once, you can do it again, no passaran!

OHQ's turn to host this week, Dave came over for a Spanish Civil war game, we used Rapid Fire rules with some of the modifications suggested by Mark Hannam and a fire chart to replace the unwieldy one in the current version, gleaned from the Rapid Fire Facebook page.

The Republican aim was to neutralise a Nationalist bunker which dominated a strategic railway line, various air attacks had failed in this task.
The attack would be carried out by an Anarchist militia platoon, with support from an army 75mm field gun, an armoured truck and a BA10 armoured car. The bunker would be assaulted by a shock squad armed with dynamite and a captured flamethrower.
Facing this was a platoon of Spanish Foreign Legion, supported by a Pak36 anti-tank gun with a HMG emplaced in the bunker.

The defenders learn of an early dawn attack and stand too

The Anarchist attack begins

The Nationalists move troops forward, too little and too late

The Anarchists surge forward to steal the prize

An overwhelming victory for the Republic, as is my want when defending I waited far to long to deploy additional troops letting my forward squads together with the Pak36, which in its turn deployed far later than it should have, get decimated by concentrated vehicle and infantry fire. No blame on the dice gods this time I hasten to say.


Thursday, 24 October 2019

20mm Terrain

I have recently added some terrain items for my 20mm World War Two games.

 Water tower from Anyscale Models, the ladder is an addition by me.
 Some Eastern Front items, A frame and well are from Ironclad Miniatures. The privy is from Charlie Foxtrot Models.
Oil storage tank again from Anyscale Models


Monday, 21 October 2019

Die Brücke

Rahnstadt Campaign, game five, rules, Battlegroup

Having already secured one bridge the Soviet forces are heading to the outskirts of Bikkelheim to secure a further one.
The bridge is currently being held by a local Volksturm squad supported by a Volksgrenadier MMG in a concrete bunker and a dug in Pak40. Help is on the way to help them hold the bridge until the engineers can get there to set charges and blow it, this consists of a Volksgrenadier platoon supported by a Stug III and an Ostwind.
Bearing in on them is a platoon of T34/85's, supporting a motorised infantry platoon, together with a T70 scout tank and a 82mm mortar battery. Off table 152mm howitzers are available together with a timed Katyushka strike.
Die Brücke

The Russians Mass For The Attack
The Stug Arrives To Offer Support

The T70 Does A Fine Job Pinning The German LMG Team
The Russian FHQ Calls Down Fire
 A Direct Hit Causes The Crew To Abandon The Stug While The Surrounding Infantry Are Pinned
The Russian Infantry Advance Capitalising On This

The Volksturm And Supporting Volksgrenadiers Are Swept From The Bridge

T34s Move Up In Support

The Germans Are Only One Battle Rating Away From Defeat So We Call It A Day

Wednesday, 2 October 2019

Going Dark

Some more additions to the Dark Age project.
Another warband now has four bases, Gripping Beast figures with LBMS transfers and banner.
Another one underway.

Fear not men of Britannia, the cavalry are coming
Footnote Miniatures with LBMS shield transfers.

Onward, ever onward!


Monday, 23 September 2019

Bikkagern Follows Through

Following their recent victory Bikkagern and his Goth horde continue their advance into the Roman provinces. Baldinus has rallied his legions and as deployed to halt the Goth advance...…….
A View Down The Lines

The Vintage Shot

The Birds Are Circling, A Feast In The Offing Later

Bikkagern Leads His Nobles, Thundering Into The Legion

Meanwhile His Foot Warriors Do Likewise

His Subordinate, Clewless Leads Another Warband Into The Roman Auxillia

The Legion And Equites Are Getting The Worst Of It

Having Routed The Roman Light Cavalry The Goths Thunder Into The Roman Flank

The Right Flank Auxillia And Lanciarii Are Heavily Engaged Too

The Legion Is Valiantly Holding The Goth Nobles At Bay But Are Suddenly Hit In The Flank

With The Only Remaining Roman Cavalry Assailed To The Flank And Rear The Game Is up For The Romans 

With the Goth cavalry having free reign and all but two of the remaining Roman foot units engaged a Roman defeat was inevitable and we called a halt to proceedings.

The Goth advance continues and Baldinus's hold on the throne is shaky at best.

As ever we used Neil Thomas's Ancient And Medieval Rules with an addition to give generals a role and an additional morale roll if a unit was down to one base in melee.


Wednesday, 11 September 2019

A Trio Of Transports

The last game I played highlighted the fact that my 20mm Soviets are short on transport, inspired by this and the Battlegroup September Group Build being transport, I set too.
A Lend-Lease Studebaker. A resin model from Anyscale Models.
A Lend-Lease Dodge Weapons Carrier. A resin model from Ready To Roll
A Lend-Lease M3 half track. Again from Ready to Roll while the crew are AB Figures

No game at OHQ next week as I am away.


Tuesday, 3 September 2019

Viva La Muerte!

Dave came over yesterday for a game, the setting was the Spanish Civil War, an encounter battle between an Anarchist militia platoon, supported by an armoured lorry with the addition of a squad of Carabineros to stiffen them.
Dave duly took command of the Republicans, leaving the Nationalist force, consisting of a Legion platoon supported by a MMG, in my less than capable hands.
The Nationalists surged forward in the first turn, their headstrong advance continued in turn two. By then however the Republicans were in position to fire, catching two squads of the Legion in open ground. This stalled the Legions attempt to envelope the Republican flanks, both sides settled down to exchange fire sheltering behind walls and in the olive grove. The Legion in what can only be described as unwarranted machismo failed to take advantage of this cover, failing more than 50% of their cover saves over the course of the battle. The Republicans had heeded their military advisor and took better advantage of their cover, losing only one full squad. Needless to say the Republic won another victory, with the Legion down to below 50% of their squads, they quit the field.
Just three pictures, the game bogging down into a fight of attrition, both sides refusing to be cowed,  the Legion braving it out until overwhelmed.


Tuesday, 27 August 2019

Rahnstadt Campaign - Game Four

General Wranski has been tasked with clearing German forces off the high ground along the division's route of advance upon Rahnstadt. The Germans are well dug in, it will not be an easy assignment.
The Field Of Battle
The Initial Defenders, Reinforcements Will Be Along
Wranski's First Assault Wave
German Mortar Fire Rains Down On The Russian Scouts And Anti-Tank Gun
Meanwhile Russian Infantry And Assault Engineers Probe The German Left And Centre
Both The Studebaker And White Scout Car Are Taken Out 
Meanwhile Emboldened Russian Engineers Clear The Minefield (successfully passing two Beyond The Call Of Duty Tests
T34's Of The Russian Second Assault Wave Advance Passed The Burning Wrecks
German Reinforcements Arrive
Disaster! The Stug Is Knocked Out By A lucky Shot From The Advancing T34
A MG Team Is Taken Out By Russian 120mm Mortar Fire
Russian Infantry Mass For The Final Assault
Another Blow For The German Defenders The Pak40 Is Destroyed
The T34 Move Up For The Kill
With The Stug And Pak40 Gone Its All Down To Fausts And Schrecks
The Russians Are All In Position
Wait! The Infantry Assault Is Decimated
Don't Get Excited, There Is Only Ammo Left For One More Mortar Salvo!

Despite Repelling The Infantry Attack On Their Left The Combined HE And MG Fire From The T34s Finally Breaks The Germans Will To Continue

A narrow win for the Russians puts their points tally up to seven against the Germans three, having won two consecutive engagements the Russians will get additional support for the next game. The Germans despite having to relinquish their hold of the high ground are in high spirits having given the Russians a bloody nose, so the first numbered counter drawn in the next game will be treated has a one or nil if it is a one.