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Friday, 17 May 2019


Poor Erik, I knew him well, unfortunately Erik did not know Olaf better.
I decided that my Viking leader needed a more imposing base so I dug out a 50mm base and added a dead Jim or Erik in this instance.
Olaf is from Footsore Miniatures and Eric from Wargames Foundry, the base as ever from Warbases.


Wednesday, 15 May 2019

More Sword And Spear Types

Not going to Carronade enabled me to complete the Goth cavalry unit sooner than anticipated.

Footsore Miniatures

So on Monday we will be doing a Roman v Goth bash. While chatting with Dave over at GHQ the other day, the conversation came around to Clarence Harrison's Victory Without Quarter rules. I like the mechanisms in these and I thought we could incorporate them in our S and S games to cut down on casualty recording. Over breakfast and lunch yesterday I incorporated them in to our Neil Thomas rework so will give them a try Monday.

I am getting close to " completing", (yes the "C" word) the Roman British v Saxon project so my thoughts have been turning to the dark age Ireland project. I have had some test figures painted for a while and finally decided how I was going to base the project so got them based up.

Footsore Miniatures

Hope to be popping across to Partizan on Sunday it looks to be another cracker looking at the list of games.


Tuesday, 7 May 2019

Dark Age Additions

I have completed some skirmishers for both sides of my Post Roman Britain collection. Figures from Footsore Miniatures, bases Warbases, tufts and flowers Gamers Grass and Debris of War. Decorated shields LBMS transfers.

No game this week due to the Bank Holiday and the trip up to Scotland for Carronade later this week. See you there perhaps, a great show I heartily recommend.


Friday, 3 May 2019

Goth General

Goth is from Footsore Miniatures, not sure it's on general release yet and an A & A Miniatures unfortunate Roman.

Next up some skirmishers for the Dark Ages Britain collection.


Monday, 29 April 2019

The Attack On San Fillippe (3)

The reckoning. The Republican forces began an advance along a broad front, all the Nationalist troops were deployed hidden, denoted by markers with some dummy markers. Turn two saw the arrival of the Nationalist army support, meanwhile the Republican advance continued, except for the Bilbao armoured car, the one man turret rule making it pass an order test to advance. It was however able to provide fire support for the Carabineros advancing on the Guardia building, whilst the Dinamiteros debussed and ran down the road coming under immediate fire from the Guardia. they were wiped out to a man when the army mountain gun opened fire as well.

The Dinamiteros Surge Ahead

Meanwhile over on the other flank a Mexican stand off was underway, a random card draw broke the deadlock, a Republican squad was given an additional activation, it was able to advance to within point blank range and then fire when an order dice came out. Their supporting squad however took a liking to the cover provided by wall. None the less next turn with the defenders of the foundry suitably weakened they charged and wiped out their foes in short order.

This Is A Decent Bit Of Cover, We May Stay Awhile
Back at the other end a firefight between the Carabineros with support from the ladies of the militia ensued, with the Guardia suitably weakened the Carabineros launched an assault wiping out there counterparts.

The Guardia Take Up Defensive Positions

The Carabineros Claim The Station House For The Republic

The Anarchists Look On As The Socialists Steal The Glory 
By turn five it looked like a draw was on the cards with only one objective in Republican hands, then fate intervened, the Anarchist militia unit in the centre, now depleted to five men, made a do or die charge into the stables to assault the eight Carlists protecting the supplies, statistically they would be sure to lose, but no, the Carlists threw the worst dice of the game and were beaten. At least I got to try out the morale adjustments.

The Anarchists Gain A Second Objective To Clinch A Win, The Socialists Will Not Win All The Laurels

The Carlists Rally In Turn Six, But There Was Not To Be A Turn Seven For Them To Return To The Fray

While this was going on the Nationalist gun hit the Bilbao armoured car setting it alight with the crew abandoning it, the Anarchists in the cemetery returned fire wiping out the remaining gun crew in revenge.

Yet another win for the Republic reversing history again.


Sunday, 28 April 2019

The Attack On San Fillippe (2)

San Fillippe
The attack will be carried out by elements of the Anarchist militia with the support of a squad of carabinero, a squad of dinamiteros and a Bilbao armoured car.
Their objectives are 1. the Local Guardia Civil station, 2. the supplies stored at the stables, 3. the iron foundry.
They will attack from beyond the red line, they will gain a victory if they achieve two of the objectives, attempting to stop them will be the local Carlist militia who will get additional army support from turn two.

Hasta la vista!………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………...

Tuesday, 23 April 2019

The Attack On San Fillippe (1)

For this encounter next week we will be using Bolt Action rules, I wanted to try something similar to what Dave has done successfully for our Black Powder games, units that lose a close combat or fail a morale test due to 50% casualties from shooting are not removed from the table. They will immediately RUN towards the nearest friendly table edge, also taking an additional pin marker. If they already have an ORDER DICE this is changed to a RUN order, or if they do not then one is taken from the bag, they move the full 12" regardless of terrain, also mark them as routing with a suitable marker. In subsequent turns they can try to be rallied if still on the table, take an order test to RALLY but all pins are counted against their morale rating and if they pass the test only remove ONE pin for passing the order test. They will also have a permanent pin marker for the rest of the game.

Hasta la vista, until then here is a photo of the latest Moors I have painted.