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Thursday, 21 January 2021

1943 - 45 20mm

For the first post of the year I thought that I would post photos of the recent additions to the 20mm World War II collection.

Finished the back end of 2020 this railway station for the fictional German town of Rahnstadt, an EBay purchase, either Faller or Kibri I can't recall which. Duly painted and made good, lots of these second hand buildings have been lifted of railway layouts so can be a tad worse for wear.

Symbol deleted in case I wish to post it on social meedja, never can tell what they will boot off these days.

This year I have finally got around to doing this Sig33 150mm infantry gun from SHQ with the crew coming from AB Figures, base from Warbases as ever. 

Purchased and painted this year! is this Trumpeter models Jagdpanzer IV with an RB barrel.

While I was on the Lancer Miniatures website to order the barrel for the above, I also ordered this ruined Russian building with an anti-tank gun position.

That's two items purchased and painted in the same month, I doubt it will  be repeated anytime soon.

I have not managed to get around to playing a game using Rapid Fire reloaded, maybe next month?

Until next time keep safe and KBO.

Thursday, 31 December 2020

It's That Little Souvenir Of A Terrible Year

 I thought I might record what I managed on the hobby front in the year of Covid. I managed to make it to what was possibly the last shows of 2020 in the UK, namely WMMS and Hammerhead, I can't remember how many games Dave and myself managed between lockdown and tiers, Matt Crump kindly arranged three games via Zoom and I played a few solo games along way.

Figure wise I painted 297 figures, I also assembled and painted 14 1/72nd AFVs and a Russian PE2 bomber.

Meanwhile on the terrain front I made an hermitage with outbuilding from Charlie Foxtrot and Warbases respectively for my Spanish Civil Wars collections and re-painted an EBay purchase of a railway station for my fictional town of Rahnstadt, other terrain items included barb wire sections and fences for my 20mm WWII collection and three Pegasus Models Russian izbas. For the 28mm collections I also painted a culvert and fences from Sabotag3d and a Warlord bunker kindly given to me by Norm.

A little montage from the year.


The way ahead, well who knows? No face to face games or shows for the foreseeable future thats for sure, in the meantime its a case of dig in, hunker down and KBO.