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Saturday, 18 January 2020

First Carlist War Progress

I recently completed another base of Perry Miniatures, Royal Marines, the battalion now has three bases, so a small unit for our game this week.
Inspired by the ones I saw on RogerC's Blog I thought it high time the artillery got some transportation. The limber was sourced from Hinds Figures, the mules from Tiger Miniatures, the mule handler is a Perry Miniatures infantryman painted in artillery distinctions, bases from Warbases of course. I also got from Hinds a limber for the Isabelino horse artillery, the horses I will source from Front Rank Miniatures in due course, in the meantime I have converted a heavy cavalryman to ride one of the limber horses.

A while ago Dave's son Matt kindly gave us some matting, hanging basket material from a garden centre I believe, I have had a piece cut out for a few weeks, with the upcoming War of the Triple Alliance project I thought this would make an excellent area of swampy/flooded ground so set to. I am pretty sure this will also double for marshy ground on the Eastern Front

I will be back later next week with a report on how the First Carlist war action went all being well.


Saturday, 11 January 2020

Painting And Projects Progress

For the First Carlist War I have finished the command base of the Guides of the Alaves battalion, this brings the unit up to three bases which can be used in next weeks game as a small unit. I am working on the command base for the Royal Marine battalion so that will be a small unit for the game. Before doing the figures for the remaining two bases I will finish the two figures for the Ontario hussars and BAL lancers to bring those up to four bases.
Nick expressed an interest in my World War Two Mediterranean theatre project, so while I am posting here are my figures painted to date, a mixture of Perry plastic and metals. I tipped up the box I keep them in and emptied most of them onto the floor, interestingly none of the plastic figures sustained damage, while several of the metals were chipped and sustained bent weapons.
Metal GIs And NCO, Plastic Bazooka Team 

Metal And Plastic Rifle Teams

Metal And Plastic LMG Teams 

Plastic FO Team