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Sunday, 29 March 2020

World War Two Additions

Two more British infantry done ready for solo BA game, Empress Miniatures of course. The shot up Opel is from Anyscale Models.


Friday, 27 March 2020

The Loneliness Of The Socially Distanced Wargamer

Yes folks I have entered the competition for the longest blog post title ( apologies to Alan Sillitoe), do you know of a longer one? (hyphenated ones don't count)
Here are a few items I have painted for my own collections in recent days, in progress are four Moors for the Spanish Civil War, two more Brits for WWII, a Russian izba and a PE-2 bomber for the Soviets.

20mm piggies for the Bikkliski Collective farm, from Pendraken if I remember correctly.

20mm fences for the Eastern Front, Ironclad Miniatures

Late war British infantry, Empress Miniature

Cards for Bolt Action solo, these can be downloaded off the Solo Wargaming With Miniatures FB page, I believe that they have also been added to Bolt Action FB page too.

Keep safe folks.