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Monday, 20 July 2015

Wot, no T34's?

When I checked it appears we have not played a WWII game at OHQ since last October, so I thought we had better remedy that with an Eastern Front game. The last few games we have used the Battlegroup rule set, I thought that this time I would revert to the old stalwart, Rapid Fire, a set that has stood the test of time well IMHO.
I have not had much time to work out an elaborate scenario, so what we have is a simple break the line game, the German forces must break through the Soviet line and reach the road with at least a tank and an infantry company in twelve game turns, the Soviets have simply to stop this happening. With Dave's recent defeats in Normandy it was only fitting that he be sent to the Eastern Front to redeem his lost honour, so for this game he would fore go being the Soviets.
The Germans are relying on a strong armoured thrust using two tank companies, one of Panzer IIIs and one of Panzer IVs, high command can only spare a single infantry battalion to support this, it will however benefit from the support of a 105mm howitzer battery. No air support is available, an unenviable task for the German commander, however intelligence sources say that this part of the line is weakly held by the Soviets who are expecting an assault elsewhere on the line.
They have three infantry battalions supported by an humble T70 tank company, however a troop of KVIs is en route to bolster the defence, no air support can be expected but a battery of Katyushka rocket launchers will be on call to support the defence in the unlikely event of an assault.

The Battlefield

The German Advance Begins

First Blood To The Soviet Forces

The Collective Comes Under Heavy Artillery Fire
The first turn started well for the Soviets a Katyushka stonk took out a Panzer IV and the 50mm A/T tow, forcing the remaining PzIVs to retire meanwhile the Germans fired at an abandoned T34 expecting it to contain a Soviet observer while calling up 105mm fire to on the collectives buildings.
Small But Brave The T70's Advance

The Assault On the Centre Intensifies
The valiant T70s advanced to get behind the PzIIIs before the PzIVs could get back in to action, alas the commanders tank was taken out by reserve fire from the 50mm A/T gun causing the remaining vehicles to retire.


Whilst all this was taking place the Soviet FO was suppressed by the intense artillery bombardment or was unable to make radio contact and then eventually falling victim to the shells, so it was that the Katyushka was not to fire again, this was to have dire consequences for the outcome of the Soviet defence.
An Heroic Action

Panzer IIIs Engage The KVI

German Infantry Advance To Road On The Open Soviet Flank

Mounting Casualties And The Destruction Of The KV Tips The Infantry Morale
Over on the other flank one brave soul made an heroic action and attempted to destroy a stationary PzIII with an anti-tank grenade a heroic but futile action indeed. The remaining PzIIs were meanwhile hotly engaged by the solitary KVI whose poor return fire ultimately sealed its fate, while this was going o the infantry in the trenches were hotly engaged by the advancing German infantry which combined with MG fire from the other PzIII tipped them over the morale threshold, the resulting morale test saw them flee the field leaving the returning T70s out on a limb. Turn seven and a resounding victory for the Germans.



  1. Excellent looking game mate.


  2. Replies
    1. Thank you Gordon, WWII is a tad drab colour wise so I try and brighten up where possible.

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you for the kind comment. Planning a 1945 game next week, reverting to Battlegroup Rules.

  4. Great photos Phil! Looks the bees' knees to me! Looking forward to our next bash on Monday!