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AMW Rule Additions

Readers of the blog will know that I have tweaked Neil's rules quite often. A lot of the time I have felt that the changes I made resulted in unnecessary complication or lost the essence of why I like the rules.
Below are the ones I have settled on, some have been gleaned from Trebians Wargaming For Grownups blog, well worth a read for ideas.


Sorry Neil just got to have them

A command base may join a unit at the beginning of a turn if it is not engaged in hand-to hand combat.
A unit with a command base attached may once per turn do one of the following
1. Re-roll its combat dice that miss
2. Re-roll failed combat saves
3. Re-roll a failed morale test

Joining a unit puts the command base at risk

If a unit loses a base from shooting, it must make a saving roll of 2+
If a unit loses a base in hand-to-hand combat, it must make a saving roll of 3+

If a overall command base is lost or with a unit that is destroyed, all units in the army must take a morale test.
If a subordinate command base is lost or with a unit that is destroyed, all units under its command must take a morale test.


The target unit must be within a 45 degree arc of the charging unit's front and in its line of sight at the start of the move to be charged.

Contacting the flank or rear is only possible if the entire charging unit is past an imaginary line drawn along the target units flank or rear.

Contact can only be made by one attacking unit per facing: front, rear or either flank.

Hand-to-hand combat

If a unit is reduced to one base it must take a morale test every turn if in hand-to-hand combat.

If a unit loses more casualties than its opponent in hand-to-hand combat and has less bases than its opponent it is pushed back 2"

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