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Monday, 31 March 2014

The Red Farm, 1914

We played out another early Great War game to try out the amendments of our embryonic rules for the 1914 period, made after our last game, below are a few photos taken during the game a full account can be found on Dave's blog

German Jaegers move up to counter the advancing BEF

A line battalion advance on the jaegers right

Uhlans move up to cover the left flank

The lines are drawn

Scots take advantage of the cover provided by "Le Ferme Rouge" 

Rival cavalry troops engage on the German left

The Scots attack the German right
We discovered a few areas that need some thought before the next outing until then

Bonsoir, old thing
Cheerio chin chin
Napoo! Toodle-oo! Good-bye-ee!


  1. Great pics! I find the Germans especially striking.

  2. Great looking figures and pictures, love them!

  3. You took some great pictures, Phil!