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Sunday, 9 March 2014

A Close Run Thing

Dave popped over to OHQ recently for a late Great War game, using Bolt Action rules with the usual Gajo Games amendments, a simple breakthrough scenario to blood the British MkIV tank I have recently painted and to try out my new event cards. A dice is added to the pot with the usual Bolt Action dice, when drawn an event card is also drawn, these have various effects such as low ammo, an extra move, stray shells, snipers a turn end card and such like. The game would last ten turns with a D6 throw to decide if another would be played.

The British would start the game with seven sections on the table comprising, two Lewis gun sections, a bomber section ( these are classed as tough fighters and get two dice in close combat)
a rifle grenadier section and three rifle sections, the tank having being delayed would appear on a D6 throw beginning in turn two, requiring a six then five or six next turn etc. until it appeared.
The Germans would start the game with three rifle sections in the front line trench, one with a captured Lewis gun and a rifle section in the second line trench together with a grenatenwerfer, in the pillbox was a Maxim gun. Two sections of stormtroopers would appear on turn seven, a bomber section and a flamethrower section.

A great game ensued, probably the best trench game using Bolt Action to date. By turn six Dave thought it was all up for his British forces, by turn eight the game could have gone either way, however by turn ten the last the German force was thoroughly depleted and with the flamethrower section low on ammo due to an event card the Germans would be unable to clear out the British in another turn.

Below are some in game pics.
Table Overview

Table Detail

The Horizon

The British Advance On The Left Begins

The British Advance On The Right Begins

German Forces Await

Germans Advance To Shore Up The Deteriorating Right

The British Begin Their Flanking Move

With The Belated Arrival Of The MkIV The British Assault On The Centre Begins

Bertie Breaks Through The Front Line Trenches

British Infantry Pour Through The Gap

A German Counterattack Drives The British Flank Attackers Back 

British Rifle Grenadiers Support The Push In The Centre


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  1. Super pictures, Phil, telling the story of the unfolding game with clarity. Probably the closest trench game as you say and great fun!