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Saturday, 29 March 2014

Attack At Bois Hazel Part Two

Now where was I? Ah yes, seeing that there were no gaps in the wire Jon diverted his attentions to the German left, leaving a covering force on the right to await the arrival of the tanks and positioned his Lewis teams to keep the German centre occupied. The Germans in the meantime were causing considerable casualties on the attackers, I had never seen Dave roll so many fives and sixes. With the non arrival of the tanks things were looking good for the Germans just prior to our tiffin break.
  Back after tiffin the British tanks finally began to arrive and push on towards the German right allowing the British to continue their attack on the German left, the dice gods now decided to desert Dave and the British trench fighters were able to get into the German trenches, one can only assume that the German MG gunners panicked at the sight of the tough trench fighters streaming towards them, an event drew an extra move card which took them into close combat range, similarly over on the right the German anti-tank gun was unable to deliver any damage to the advancing tanks, however the turn of an event card enabled the Germans to put an ammo low marker on the MKIv which forced them to engage at effective range only, just as well as Dave's Germans were steadily gaining pin markers, one is always in a quandary, do you use your order dice to rally off pins and maybe let the enemy off getting firing casualties that turn or do you attempt to keep up the firing and risk more pins? The German anti-tank gun was then knocked out and things looked all up on the German right, luckily the A7V then arrived followed soon after by the storm troop counter attackers, Dave sent one group to occupy the bunker and the other over the top to wrest back control of the left flank, meanwhile in the centre the British rifle grenadiers and Lewis team kept the Germans in the centre under pressure, knocking out the grenade launcher team. The Brits did not have it all their own way in the centre, an event drew a stray artillery round card that landed plumb in the middle of them, also over on the German left the trench fighters holding the objective were gradually been whittled away, eventually only Corporal Jones remained who single handed held on until it was to late for the Germans to wrest back control, as the British consolidated their attack on the right and centre, eventually knocking out the A7V. One must not forget the myopic British sniper, how many ones did you throw to hit Jon, however he did finally manage to dispatch the German CO. 

After turn 12 the D6 throw gave a further five turns this really sealed the fate of the Germans, the Brits held the two front line objectives and although they had no infantry available to occupy it the villa could not be contested by the Germans the only viable force they had remaining being the troops in the bunker, so with the British holding two and half of their objectives they were given a marginal victory.
Corporal Jones Defends The Objective Single Handed


  1. Great account of the titanic struggle and wonderful pictures bringing it all back so vividly...sadly!

    1. Glad you "enjoyed" it, let's see if our early war set to will be just as epic.

  2. Super game Phil - your figures et al are wonderful.
    The game swung one way then the other and then back again.
    Good job I'd decided my forces were the RWF and not my beloved North Staffs = I didn't care how heavy the loses were - press on! press on chaps!l

    1. Pleased you enjoyed it too, I certainly enjoyed watching it unfold. You will be pleased to know that I have toned down the air support effect for the next outing too ;-)