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Monday, 23 May 2016

My Partizan 2016 Part The First

Well its a YES from me, bloody brilliant. Dave, Kevin and myself turned up at 10.30ish, after a slight diversion, to busy talking to see the show ground sign, though I must admit it does not exactly stand out.
Now usually at this time we breeze in to Kelham, but behold there was a queue! and I hate queueing, in this case I make an exception because any fears that numbers may drop with the change of venue was certainly allayed, I hope that this is confirmed by the attendance numbers. Having said that we were in within 10 minutes or so, I am sure that Richard and Laurence will address this for next time. Some folk have said that the venue lacked atmosphere I don't agree, I thought the place buzzed and did not drop off at lunchtime and a big plus for me being in one lace I think I got to speak to most people where at Kelham I invariably missed folk. Anyway finish with the rambling and onto the pictures etc.
My first port of call was Simon Millar's (clicky) and Phil Hendry's (clicky) Battle of Circesium game, I had failed to say hello to Simon at the previous shows, I have mentioned in previous posts that Simon and Phil had both been instrumental in me kick starting the 3rd century Roman project. Introduction over Simon invited me to join in with a game, at first I said I would just watch a while, on reflection you do not really get a grasp of a rule set by just watching and its not everyday you get a chance to play with Phil's splendidly painted Romans and Sassanids so when Simon asked if I was sure I did not want to play, I joined in. I took command of the Sassanid force "protecting" the town, after an initial good start things went downhill, losing all my elephants contributed to an emphatic Roman win. A splendid game, enjoyed it so much I bought the rules, which I had been procrastinating over since Simon published them.
The Legion Rolls Forward

Roman Camelry Bring Up The Rear

The Other Sassanid Command Do Battle

My Elephants Charge Down The Roman Archers

You Can't All Hide Behind That Statue

The Fight In The Town Continues

The Other Force, Mine In The Background

  After the defeat I popped over to pick up the latest Harry Sidebottom (click) novel, before moving on to the next port of call.........................
To Be Continued


  1. Great looking table and figs!

    1. Certainly was and a honour to be able to play with them.

  2. That looks like a great game, excellent miniatures and gaming table.

    1. It was that, Dr. Phil's stuff is simple and elegantly done, although he brushes the dip on the results are still stunning.

  3. Nice pictures. I agree with you about Partizan being a great show, but queuing? No thanks! Hope that's sorted for August.

  4. I'm sure it will, I don't think the chaps were expecting that sort of turn out. I know I wasn't.

  5. Good pics Phil! Phil Hendry's game looked spot on and you have captured it really well. Hooray for a new, lighter venue!

  6. Thank you James. The new venue is indeed splendid, the best Partizan since the one in the tents. Phil's figures looked even better in the better lighting.

  7. Replies
    1. Thank you Michael, I was quite pleased how they turned out, the light in the new venue was a big contributing factor.