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Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Lobsters, Bolsover And Blandings

Over the Bank Holiday Bolsover Castle saw the debut of Haselrigs "lobsters", as it is only an hour and twenty minutes away and we are English Heritage members we popped along, the castle is also worth a visit in its own right. A fine display was put on, mortar, petard, grenadoes all making an appearence, the horse were finely supported by Devereux's Regiment Of Foote, Lyle's (I think, though I may be wrong, apologies if I am) attempting to hold these at bay were Newcastle's Whitecoats. A big thank you to all concerned for a day of marvellous entertainment and education.

That was Sunday, Tuesday and it was over to Dave's for a game in our fictional 1940's German invasion of Britain, set in Shropshire and P. G. Wodehouse's Blandings. Dave commanded the local LDV supported by regular troops, the mission was to rescue Lord Emsworth from the clutches of the Germans. Windows 10 permitting a report may follow over on GHQ in due course, check the sidebar.
In the meantime here are some pics what I took...........................................

The Belated arrival Of The Royal Navy Canal Contingent

The Germans Occupy The Farm Ahead Of The LDV Snatch Squad

The Snatch Squad Is Halted, And Here They Remained For The Rest Of The Game

The Hun Have No Respect For The Cabbage Patch 

On The Other Hand The Pigs Get A Guard detail

The Iron Pig Arrives But Fails To Have The Desired Impact

The Obligatory Aerial Shot

The Germans Reinforce The Flank



  1. Those are smashing pictures Phil, of both our game and the loonies, sorry, re-enactors.

  2. Great looking table...shall look forward to the batrep!