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Monday, 4 August 2014

The Revenge Of Don Byklos, A First Carlist War AAR

Today Dave popped over to OHQ for a First Carlist War game, with Dave having a 7 hour trip back from Scotland yesterday and me doing three 12 hour days at the motor racing track followed by two hours painting each night on return the weekend, we did not want too taxing a game. I therefore chose to use Neil Thomas's 19thC rules with our house amendments and a scenario from the book, based on the Battle of Alegria this has three Christino line units a skirmish unit and a gun, to win the game they need to exit two units off the opposite table. To stop them in their endeavours are three Carlist infantry units, a skirmisher unit and a cavalry unit, with two infantry units coming in on the flank, dicing on turn two to come on. The game would last eight turns.
Christino Dave AKA Don Byklos achieved victory in turn six, my Carlists letting them blithely past their flank whilst engaged by the other units. On my past form with the dice I should not have put much store in my reinforcements arriving, yes of course they did not appear. Tiredness or bad generalship?  I will let the pictures describe the sorry state of events and you can decide.
The Christinos

The Carlists


Christinos Prepare To Advance

Carlists Await

Carlist Skirmishers Advance Through Alegria

Christino Columns Advance

Their Foes Advance In Turn

Both Sides Skirmishers Engage

Carlist Cavalry Advance To Pin The Christino Flank, But Who Is Pinning Who?

Christino Columns Get In Close
The Second Christino Unit Prepares To Exit The Table, Where Are The Carlists?

Well This Lot Are Pinned By Half Their Number, Apparantly Relying On The None Appearing Reinforcements To Mop Up The Other Flank
All in all a splendid little game, figures by Perry Miniatures, Buildings by Empress and Grand Manner, Walls The Last Valley, Trees K&M and The Last Valley. Pop over to Dave's blog, click the Tales From GHQ link to see some picsw of the splendid games at this years Claymore.
Next weeks game will be over at GHQ, a 1914 game to mark the start of that terrible four year conflict. 



  1. Super pictures, Phil! A grand game, though over too soon for some?

    1. At least I didn't have time to nod off, though thinking about I did let those Christino's slip past.

  2. A smashing looking game. Very nice figures and terrain.

    1. Thank you Mark, practical and aesthetically pleasing, thats the aim.

  3. A beautiful looking game. The buildings really look the part.

    1. Thanks Matt, yes the buildings are great, not cheap but well worth the investment.