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Thursday, 21 August 2014

Legion Lanciarii

I have started a unit(?) of the above using A&A figures, I thought that I would put a couple of pics up before Adam's fine sculpting work with the belts gets covered by a bloody great shield. The quiver is made from Miliput with wire spears because of this it is perhaps a tad large, but as I am a wargamer not a scale modeller it will do for me. It is based on the tombstone of Aurelius Mucianus, a trainee lanciarius, he is depicted with a small round shield, although mine will have large legionary ovals, has I am quite taken with the illustration in Osprey's Roman Battle Tactics 109BC-AD313. The use of lanciarii is openly discussed, some sources have them operating similar to early velites others have them behind the line throwing javelins overhead, probably both may have been the case at somepoint in their history.

Next up will be some cavalry and the start of some Goth adversaries together with a picture of the above based up for action.



  1. Great looking figures.The quiver is excellent too.

    1. Thank you Trad, quiver was fun to do but glad I have only had to do 3 for my purposes.

  2. Good work there Phil! Keep at it!

  3. Very nice work. Those figures are very nice too!