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Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Haszel Bossen, August 1914

Somewhere in Belgium, August 1914. There is a gap between between the allied forces, a British force has been sent to close it. A forward German detachment is already in position at a critical road junction......
This is the scenario for our latest outing with our embryonic early war rules, we needed to address a couple of things during play, but I think we are now in a position to start putting some meat on the bones before our next outing. A small photo montage of the action follows below -
Overview, blinds are where there are suspected German units.

The factory and villa

British troops occupy the villa

British artillery deploy while cavalry protect the flank

German jaegers emerge from Haszel Bossen
I perhaps made things a little to easy for the British to achieve their goal in this scenario, although if the uhlans had defeated the British cavalry things could easily have gone the other way. The German artillery were the only unit to really cover themselves in any "glory" they even beat off the initial attack of the victorious British cavalry!  
As I mentioned earlier we had to add and clarify a couple things but we are almost there with the rules now, just a case of explaining the usual things, but don't expect diagrams of how to make a flank attack.

German uhlans charge their British counterparts

British artillery engage over open sights

The British consolidate their position

Dismounted British cavalry make the use of cover

Having defeated the German uhlans the British cavalry swing round and catch the advancing IR48 in the flank

With the inevitable result, German POWs being lead away


  1. Great pictures of some lovely painted figures and terrain.

    1. Thank you, glad you like them more to come in due course.

  2. Some excellent photos there Phil and a nice concise AAR. I especially like the last picture for some reason...

  3. Nicely done! Hope the British didn't retreat afterwards :)

  4. A rather splendid looking bash old chap!