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Friday, 18 July 2014

Saxones Sagittarii Etc., My 100th Post.

My 100th post, I thought I would put up some pics of what I have completed for myself recently. I really should be painting more First Carlist War or Great War figures, but when I have been painting little chaps in uniform all day its nice to paint something a little less so for ones self.

Saxon Archers

Duguth And "A Dead Jim"

Slowly building up my forces for Dux Britanniarum, next up will be some archers for the Romano-British.
All the above with the exception of the shock marker which is a Foundry Viking, are Musketeer Miniatures with LBMS shield transfers, picked up some of the funky new ones for the British during our visit to the Beasts lair at Evesham last week.
Our game next week will be here at OHQ, hopefully a Great War game using Bolt Action rules with my chance dice added which causes an event card to be drawn, to add a little more uncertainty to the game.



  1. Very nice work on these chaps.

    1. Thank you, having great figures to work on really helps too.

  2. Very nice looking figures. Bill's figures are excellent, and you have certainly done them proud.

    1. Thank you Mark,
      Wonderfully nice figures to work on, glad you think so.

  3. Nice work old bean! See you tomorrow!