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Monday, 7 July 2014

Contra Ataque en el Puente Santo Byklos

Following on from our previous Spanish Civil War game, I decided on a Nationalist counter attack on the bridge captured by the Republicans in our last game, however this time we would use Rapid Fire with Mark Hannams SCW supplement.
To add a bit of uncertainty I decided to use Bolt Action order dice to determine which side could me a unit, rather than the IGUGO method of the rules, to spice it up further I added a red dice, when this was drawn the next dice out was ignored, this meant that you could not be sure of moving all your units each turn.
The Republicans had the following to defend the bridge
One Battalion of International Brigade with support from an anti-tank gun and two companies of militia.
The attacking Nationalists had a battalion of Carlist militia supported by two companies of Falange and a company of Legion and a PZ1.

International Brigade Troops Take the Fight To The Enemy

This Diverts A Company Of Carlists From Their Flanking Move 

Meanwhile The Falange Advance On The Left
The Republican ATG Draws A Bead On The Pz1

The Second Shell Hits Home

Anarchist Militia Move To Protect The Flank, While The Other Takes Up Position In The Church

Decimated by Flanking Fire From the Church The Carlists Engage The Enemy In The Orchard

The IB Attacking Force, Job Done, Regroups At The Bridge 

The Falange Begin Their Attack, But Nationalist Morale Is Crumbling Which Will See Them Soon Rout
The Nationalists were rather taken aback by the Republican attack and let it dictate their actions from there on. The dice gods favoured the Republicans bold move and further added to the Nationalist woes by deserting them, giving the Republicans (Dave) a deserved victory.



  1. A great game, Phil, and the photos turned out well after all you said.

    1. Yes it's amazing what a bit of cropping will do.

  2. "El Puente, er, Too Far". Sorry Espanol is not my strong point, but the sight of red berets and a bridge set me off on this tangent!

    1. Un Puente Lejano, very droll analogy, hadn't thought of that one :-)

  3. Interestingly. Very much style of your figures, Phil is pleasant

  4. Sounds and looks like a great game.
    Well done!

  5. It was a fine game indeed, Rapid Fire rules tend to get overlooked these days, pity as they are still a great set of rules.

  6. That looks excellent.

    James and I will be pitting the Falange against the International Brigade in our game on Thursday, we will be using Chain of Command though, I never really got into Rapid Fire.

    1. Thanks Paul. Yes rules are like that arn't they, I have CoC and must really sit down with Jim and Rolf' s super lists and work out what I need to get painted up for a couple of viable forces for a game. I shall look forward to James and yours next outing.