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Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Sunt Qui Et Ulteriorem Defectum Huttus Baldinum (New Edit)

In the guise of Huttus Baldinus, would be Imperial usurper, I took a trip over to GHQ for an ancients game. We would again be using Neil Thomas's "Ancient And Medieval Warfare" rules, it would be a straight forward encounter game, having been to the Tewkesbury Medieval Festival the day before we didn't want anything too taxing. Well worth a visit, the event is free, parking is £5 and of course any donation is gratefully received has it costs sixty grand  plus to put on each year, below are a few pics of the battle re-enactment.

Back to the game, undeterred by his recent defeat, see here  for the sorry details, Baldinus has launched an attack to take the strategic town of Pendinus, the spies of Pompus are numerous and able, so aware of this he has made haste to confront Baldinus at the Tibicus river.
The Forces Of Pompus Await Baldinus And His Rebels
Things started well for Baldinus, his forces were able to cross the Tibicus and were encouraged when Pompus's impetuous cavalry charged one if his legionary cohorts thinking that they were untried levy and was subsequently destroyed. Elsewhere though things did not go well for Baldinus's attack, the weapons of his troops seemed unable to pierce the armour of their opponents. The bolt thrower of Pompus did erratic but great execution, whilst the artillery of Baldinus was poorly deployed and unable to fire most of the time, the loyalty of its commander is in serious doubt. The end was in no doubt when for some reason the cavalry of Baldinus did exactly the same as Pompus's earlier in the battle, the best Baldinus could hope for was an orderly retreat back across the Tibicus. A second defeat in succession as left the legions of Baldinus a tad disgruntled, he should have his food tasted and watch his back for a while.
Sorry about the large pics earlier, Blogger seems to be having one of its occasional silly fits, here they are again I hope

Battle Commences

Pompus's Cavalry Impetuous Charge Paying The Price

Each Sides Allied Cavalry Engage

Baldinus's Cavalry Pay The Price!

Opposing Heavy Cavalry Engage

A Forlorn Baldinus Looks On, His Cavalry Destroyed And His Legions In Retreat
A splendid little game lasting about two hours with a great set of rules, next we will add some House rules in for Pompus and Baldinus to get involved if necessary.



  1. A splendid set of pictures and a very fair report on our game. I hope PMaxImp will be on the offensive next time to crush the rebels!
    The pictures from Tewkesbury are really good I think too.

    1. Why thank you, even now Huttus awaits ready to turn the tide sand claim the throne.

  2. Man, I wish that I'd been able to make it down to Tewkesbury this year..... :>(

    Great pics both of the game and Tewkesbury.


    1. Thanks Darrell. Yes it was another good show, although it did not appear to have the same buzz. Having said that the last two years we have been on the Saturday perhaps that is why.

  3. Great looking game. Will have to try and make it to Tewkesbury myself one year.

    1. Thanks Mark. It is well worth a visit, lots going on besides the reenactment, the town shops are bedecked with the banners of the various Lords who took part too. For a first visit I would go on Saturday if possible, park in town and have a wander round before heading off to the site, it's not a long walk.

  4. Replies
    1. It certainly was, and not an easy a victory than my narrative may imply. The combats were all hard fought by both sides.

    2. I think I missed it in my readings. But what rules where you using?

    3. Neil Thomas's "Ancient and Medieval Warfare" rules