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Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Debacle At Rawnslie Les Bains or My Dice Hate Me

Further fighting in the Rawnslie Les Bains region took place recently here at OHQ, rules were again Bolt Action with my own and Gajo Games mods. The action focused on the fighting for the German second line defences, these were thinly held by two infantry sections with only one LMG and a Maxim HMG, however support against British armour was on hand with a 37mm Anti-Tank Gun and a Anti-Tank rifle. The British would attack in force with six infantry sections, two with Lewis Guns, two with just rifles, one rifle grenadier section and a bomber section (veteran, tough fighters).
The number of turns were decided by throwing two D6, if the score was less than six then another D6 would be thrown and added to the total, we threw a 3 and a 2 with the further throw resulting in a 5, so the game would be 10 turns, however should the Germans be reduced to two units the game would end immediately and the remaining turns could then be used by the British to consolidate the won positions

The British Begin Their Advance
The first turn saw a general advance by the British force, the event/chance card enabled the Germans to remove any pin marker, wasted has they had none!
The British Come Under Desultory Fire
The second turn the British advance continued coming under fire from the German Maxim, causing no casualties! The event card was a hesitant troops card to be played by the allied player on any German unit, this would immediately be given a down order, this meant that the German unit in front of British Bomber section could not fire this was to have a disastrous effect later as we shall see.
The Germans Poor Firing Cannot Hinder The Advance
Turn three the combined firing from the MkIV and the Lewis section caused two casualties to the German Maxim crew, when it was time for it to return fire it failed its order test, things were looking bad for the Germans. Have no fear the event card was "Hun In The Sun" a strafing attack by a German plane, success! no a paltry two pins! Perhaps the German unit that was not forced down could do better, again no, 10 shots, 8 hits! one casualty, when the dice gods are agin ya, what can one do?
A View From The Trenches
Turn four and the British Bombers were in the trench! A massacre, the German section destroyed to a man. The other unit failed its order test, but the event card favoured the Germans again, an Allied Ammunition Shortage, this was played on the MkIV so that it would need to move to further engage the German Anti-Tank gun.
The British Bomber Section Takes The Trench
Turn five the Allies close in, further casualties and pins on the remaining German rifle section ensue and the Maxim is wiped out. The event card gives the British commander an extra move, still fairly kind to the Germans, lets face it they needed it!
The End Is In Sight
Turn six and the British assault the remnants of the remaining rifle section and knock out the anti-tank rifle crew. Game over the British have four turns to consolidate the position before the inevitable German counterstrike.
They Watch The Remaining Germans Retreat 
Plenty of moves to get in a strong position, although they did not have it all their own way the MkIV has become immobilised! Watch out for the next game.

The British Consolidate


  1. Splendid pictures Phil and a fair account of the action! Makes a change for the 'Dice Demons' to visit you though!
    Reginald Rawnsley MM

  2. Trouble is I think they have moved in to stay :-)