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Thursday, 20 April 2017

Olaf Nonomberssen

A work in progress pic of the Footsore Miniatures Viking Warlord figure. A test post really to try uploading pics on the IPad with latest updates downloaded.
And it is no better, still locking up. Oh well.
Think you will agree it is a fine looking figure.



  1. It is a fine looking figure indeed.

  2. An ideal looking warlord Phil!

  3. Phil, not sure whether there are some BlogSpot gremlins, but another blog that I follow has posted, but when you click on it, the post is not there. This has happened twice before on the same blog and it seems that 3 days later, suddenly I can get access to the post, it only seems to happen with his blog - so like I say, Gremlins perhaps.

    Also, don't forget the iPad App I recommended Blog Touch Pro, certainly worth the small outlay, if only for you to be at one again with your blog :-)

  4. He will do, to quote someone I know!

  5. Almost worth collecting Vikings for, lovely bit of sculpting.

  6. A joy to paint, finished him off this afternoon, just need to make a suitably heroic base for him.