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Monday, 17 April 2017

Of Fighters And Farmers

I have done two more Romano-British and Saxons, these will fill the gaps on another movement tray, and also give six bases a side for a game using Neil Thomas One Hour Wargames rules. However we will use the modifications for the Dark Age rules off the AMW Yahoo groups site.
I have also painted two farmers to inhabit the the growing buildings and terrain related stuff for the period.
The fighters are the ever brilliant Footsore Miniatures, Bill T really captures the feel of the Dark Ages, the characterisation and the very stance of the figures just do it for me. I have had my eye on the Irish range for sometime and with the current deal I finally succumbed, they can be allies or enemies of my Romano-Brits, sans the Fianna with Danish axes or fight Dave's Anglo-Saxons or Normans, if you spend £35 or more this month you also get a free Viking warlord from the upcoming Viking range, the figure is stunning and is already primed ready to receive paint. Bill has nailed it once again with this figure, he stands Danish axe in hand his fur cloak blowing in the wind while he grips the strap of his shield which is strapped across his back, the miniature exudes menace despite his pose, it bodes well for the rest of the range, which is due for release later this year I believe.
The farmers are Foundry Casting Room Miniatures Germans, but they will do for me.
Told you it was Blogger wasting my time David, but no more.


  1. They look great and I could not agree more in regards to Bill's work which is the best Dark Ages around.


  2. Thank you Christopher. Yup Bill just seems to capture the essence of the period, from the poses, the look of the clothing and general characterisation, a pleasure to paint too.

  3. Not given up after all then! Well Done! Nice looking additions which I will slaughter/lead to glory in today's game!

    1. Will persevere, Bulldog spirit and all that.

  4. Very nice, as you say excellent figures.

  5. Lovely looking figures, very nice painting.
    Best Iain

  6. Nice job, simple and effective 🙂