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Friday, 28 April 2017


They left behind them, corpses for the dark black coated raven, horny beaked to enjoy, and for the eagle, white backed and dun coated, the greedy war hawk and that grey wild beast, the forest wolf.

From "A Choice Of Anglo-Saxon Verse" Edited By Richard Hamer

We routed them at the hill, but at the crossroads we were bested, we retreat but cannot out run them, we make our stand here at Ednasforde, it is not the obstacle it should be for the rains are late this year and the Penk runs low. But hold and delay them we must, for there is hope,  the messengers say that Arthur is coming.....

Men - Foundry and Gripping Beast
Birds - Reaper
Base - Warbases



  1. Replies
    1. Thank you, though I doubt anyone could accuse me of being clever :~)

  2. "How well the raven flocks were fed, how well the wolves were filled with dead". Brilliant idea, I might steal that for a Rally point Phil.

  3. They are definitely dead....did you stick the birds or do they come moulded ?

    1. They come cast, except the two in the foreground and they are cast as a pair.