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Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Saxones Veni Et Victor

Ednas Ford

Lord Rawnslious deploys us for battle. 
My unit is on the left, out of picture. Another unit has been posted to the far right the other side of the marsh to counter any Seax incursion there and if possible and the opportunity arises effect our own flanking move. The approaching Seax can be seen in the far distance.
Our archers are forced to pull back and our advance unit have been destroyed, the Seax line the river bank for an all out assault, meanwhile over on our far left the flanking force begins to move, but the water flow is fast there and they make little progress.
Pengist brings up the rear, attempting to get the measure of our leader and to counter any threat to the flank, our unit attempting to do just that can be seen in the far distance, their going as been slow and they are no longer in a position to really effect any assistance to the fight at the ford.
 The Seax attack and destroy our archers.
They in turn are attacked by our Lord, leading his hearthguard forward in an attempt to throw them back across the river, these troops of Pengist are a tough bunch and our men are pushed back, but keep their order, alas they are now so few. Our unit to the right have slowly been whittled down by enemy archery and are now being advanced upon by the Seax, my unit and the one on the left flank which is too far away are the only fresh units left, our Lord decides to retire and fight another day.
Our champion defiantly waves the head of Penda Fudd at the approaching Seax, this appears to un-nerve them and we are able to retire unhindered.
Pengist does not order a pursuit, he will regroup and get the lie of the land before any further advance, cunning is he methinks.
We begin our withdrawal, the remnants of our Lords hearthguard protect the rear, should the Seax decide to pursue.
We will fight again, but the Seax keep coming, we cut off a head, another grows in its place, our Lord says we must have faith in God, but like the Seax themselves their gods are many, can we prevail?

A brief game interlude while Dave is away, next game will be at GHQ, period to be confirmed.



  1. Niuce game report- Really need to get my own Dark age project back on track.



    1. Thank you Pete, hope you are suitably inspired to do just that.

  2. Nice too with some dark age. Bought blood eagle but not really had to chance to really get a campaign going.

    1. I too have to get back to painting more, once I have the requisite bases of Goths done for the 3rd century project I shall do.

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you Christopher, it was certainly a great game to play too.

  4. A very fair account of the thrashing your chaps took! Great photos of the action as well Phil!

  5. Good to see Pengist is magnanimous in victory ;-)

    Pics turned out well considering the light quality.

    1. Pen gist, magnanimous? You must be ill with grief at the thrashing and unable to think clearly. Look on the bright side, you can't loose while I'm away... ;~)

  6. Excellent stuff Phil! Great looking game.

  7. Thank you Rodger, indeed it was.