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Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Shrapnel Villa IV - Ready With Vacant Possession

I have now finished painting Shrapnel Villa, pictures of this "Des Res" are below, I have also finished my Great War Miniatures MkIV tank. I will try to take some pics before I go up to York for the weekend and a visit to Vapnartak, no shopping list to date, although I have ordered some bases for my A7V and the MkIV off the ever obliging Martin at Warbases and a copy of Donnybrook which Barry is bringing down for me to collect at the show. Anyway enough of my wittering here are the pics of Shrapnel Villa.

A Biggles Eye View

"Its a long way to Tipperary!"

Making themselves at home

An uninvited guest


  1. Outstanding work! I realy like your idea with the lift off rubble.

  2. First rate finish there Phil!

  3. Agreed the lift off rubble is an Ace idea.

  4. Thank you for taking the time to comment chaps

  5. Phil, this has turned uot really very well indeed. I love what you've done with the spaces for figures - that's a great touch. I am very sure that this is going to be used so many times on the wargames table. A really versatile and wonderful piece of terrain!

  6. Stunning and inspirational work... Well done, Phil !