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Friday, 17 January 2014

Masacre en Rawnla Granja

With the need to get my Spanish Civil War figures out to see how many more I need to paint for a game using Chain of Command and the news that Dave might be running late for the game I decided to do a SCW game using Bolt Action instead of the planned WWII game. We used the patrol phase from CoC to get troops on the table and the Bolt Action rules we used as written. Dave took command of the Nationalists for a change, these consisted of a squad of Foreign Legion with tank support together with the support of two Carlist Militia squads and a Falange squad. I commanded the Republican force of two International Brigade squads, supported by an anti-tank gun and two Anarchist Militia squads. 

Rawnla Granja and environs

The Nationalist forces made a good start, the Legion tank advances boldly down the road. The Republicans deploy the anti-tank gun but not in time, they are mown down by some expert shooting from the tank. 

Having seen off the Republican A/T gun the tank now turns it attention to the Internationals, using the cover of the wall the furthest squad who are armed for anti-tank work later advance upon the tank

The Internationals make good their attack but are unable to damage the Legion tank

Meanwhile an Anarchist Militia squad advance to engage the approaching Carlist Militia coming under withering fire. It appears the second Anarchist squad voted not leave the protection of the farmhouse.

The Carlists pour steady fire into the Anarchist ranks, keeping them pinned and gradually whittling them down.

Eventually with the advice of their military adviser they decide to retire before they are wiped out, with the Internationals ranks  now severely depleted the Legion tank moves to fire upon the Anarchists in the farm, leaving them to be engaged by the Legion infantry and now advancing Falange 

In the background Sargento Robinson can be seen single handed holding up the Falange advance to allow the HQ group to withdraw

The Falange having killed the valiant Sargento move to take  the position.
All in all a game of one half, the patrol phase ended even really, however with the Nationalist dice coming out in succession in the first turn they were able to deploy into good firing positions before the Republicans could reply, couple this with some atrocious dice throwing through out a Republican defeat was inevitable. All in all an enjoyable game, now to get some more figures cleaned and primed ready for painting and a bit of CoC.



  1. Excellent photos accompanying a reasonably fair account of the massacre, though perhaps more might be said about your dice capabilities?

  2. Highly entertaining report, thanks for that. Your table looks great as do the figures.

    1. Thank you, pleased that you enjoyed it.

  3. Greate looking game, minis, terrain and pictures of it all !!!