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Thursday, 23 January 2014

Bits and Bobs

This weeks game will be over at GHQ, a Bolt Action WWII affair, Dave will no doubt give all the detail on his blog in due course. No game next week, we are all off to York for Vapnartak, we will again be making a weekend of it with the women folk, I wonder if we will get snow for a third year?

I have finally got around to putting paint on Shrapnel Villa, I have also made a start on finishing off my Back of Beyond Chinese Warlord force and three remaining figures for my Bolshevik forces, then it will be full steam ahead on completing my Germans for 1914, with the exception of any staff, Great War Miniatures are yet to make any and Renegade have ceased trading for the time being, else I may have utilised some of their officer types. I am also basing more figures for Dux when these are done I will take a photo of the forces to date.

In the meantime here are some Front Rank War of the Spanish Succession Hesse-Cassel cavalry, no flag the customer will be adding this.


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  1. Snow? Wash out your mouth!
    Great painting there though Phil and good news on 1914 Germans!