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Tuesday, 28 November 2017

Death In The Sun

Our latest game here at OHQ was a First Carlist War encounter, a town at the entrance to an important pass was being held by two battalions of untried Carlist volunteers supported by an entrenched gun battery and a group of skirmishers. Support would arrive at the start of a predetermined move, they would need to hold back the Isabelino attackers, comprising of two battalions of British Auxiliary infantry, with the support of a rifle battalion and a Royal Marine rocket troop, also joining them would be three battalions of Spanish infantry supported by a horse artillery battery.
The arrival of the Carlist reinforcements was determined by each of us rolling two D6 the difference in the scores would be the move they arrived on with move six being the maximum, the score came out at five! could they hold out?
Alas no, after some early success in holding up the Isabelinos advance, when their enemy got closer the musketry got worse, turn four saw both Carlist battalions break, reaction scores of three and then two! The objectives for the Isabelinos was to hold the redoubt and the stables for one turn, the reinforcements would be unlikely get there in time to prevent this, so I conceded the game to the government forces ably commanded by Dave.
Photos and narrative follow below...........................................
The Village
Defending The Redoubt

Defending The Stable Block

The Rocket Troop, All Fire And Smoke, The Rifles Were To Prove A Lot More Deadly

The British Legion Battalions Surge Forth

Supported By Spanish Light Infantry And Skirmishers On The Right

The Carlist Volunteers Prepare To Receive The Onslaught Supported By Their Artillery

Despite The Disorder The Rifles Keep Up Accurate Fire On The Redoubt Defenders

The Spanish Battalions Press Home On The Right

Its All To Much We Are Off

Well We Are Off Too Then

I would like to dedicate this post to my brother-in-law, who passed away recently.

Bernard Dilger
1926 - 2017
One of life's gentlemen, RIP


  1. What a lovely place to defend, wonderful terrain and minis...and condolences for your loss...

  2. A plan of mine that worked! I’m still in shock really. Despite your interesting dice throws I enjoyed the game. It’s a joy to play on such a marvellous table with such exquisite toys! See you on Sunday for Wargamer!

    1. You can guarantee my dice throwing will let the wee men down.

  3. Beautiful terrain, beautiful miniatures and lovely pictures - many thanks for sharing them with us!

  4. Sorry for your loss.

    Brilliant looking game.

  5. You have my condolences. That is one lovely dedication!!


    1. Thank you Christopher, he was in Italy at the end of the war, I thought that Spain was near in terrain and scenery.

  6. Stunning Phil, both figures & table.
    Condolences on your loss.

  7. Great stuff! miniatures and terrain are beautiful. /Mattias

  8. Another beautiful looking game...

    All the best. Aly

  9. Lovely looking game Phil :-)



  10. Beautiful looking game, lovely scenery and figures of course, sorry for your loss.
    Best Iain

    1. Thank you on both counts Iain. We gave him a fine send off today.

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  12. I would love to see a post about your terrain boards, other terrain and buildings. You could include a bit about what they are (if commercial) and if scratch built, how you did it. The game looks wonderful, from the well painted figures to the evocative terrain. These kinds of posts make a person want to start ordering First Carlist Wars Figures (at least the Isabelinos and British Legion troops - I love their uniforms).

    I am sorry for your loss and send my condolences.