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Monday, 23 November 2015

Keeping Up The Pressure, Spain 1836

Fresh from his previous victory Don Byklos Carlos is hot on the heels of his great adversary Don Fillipe Hijoderobin, Don Fillipe as left a holding force behind whilst he gathers together the recent recruits to Carlist cause. Positioned behind walls and with the artillery dug in on the adjacent high ground  the Don hopes it will give him time to bring forward further troops to try and achieve some parity in numbers, the new troops except for the training cadre will be untried in combat. False intelligence as led the Christinos to believe that the Carlist left flank is protected by cavalry this he hopes will help protect that flank from any enemy cavalry threat, the right is well protected by olive groves and walls.
This time we would be using Black Powder rules again, the Carlists could dice using the usual command roll the first turn after lunch, so that there was no set turn for possible arrival. Below are some photo's that I hope will best describe the action in captions, hopefully that way Blogger will not lose my text when publishing this time.
Carlist Artillery

Carlist Infantry Line The Wall, Their Commander Diego Olivera In The Background, Staff Rating 8

Carlist Skirmishers In Amongst The Olive Trees

First Isabelino Brigade, Commanded By Del Pendeluna, Staff Rating 7

Second Isabelino Brigade, Commanded By General Bykleigh, Staff Rating 8

Carlist "Phantom" Cavalry 

Pendeluna's  Blunders To The Left

Royal Marine Rocket Troop, Remarkably Accurate Scoring Three Direct Hits In The Course Of The Action

After Soaking Up Tremendous Fire And Dishing Very Little Out The Navarra Battalion Finally Break

The Newly Arrived Guipuzcoa Battalion Come Under Heavy Fire From The Aragon Infantry Battalion And Isabelino Skirmishers But Stalwartly Refuse To Break 

Is The Tide Turning? The Espana Battalion Break! 

Then The British Auxiliary Legion 9th Battalion Break Too! 

Alas No The New Recruits Break! Leaving Just Two Carlist Battalions. At This Point The Carlists Are Forced To Quit The Field, Just As The Tide May Have Been Turning.

A hard fought game, notable for some shocking musketry from the Carlists on the approaching Christinos, I excelled in throwing ones and twos, more than usual! But to counter this they held on a lot longer than they should have done given the mass of accurate Christino fire poured into them, and what about those rockets more direct hits than in all its outings so far!
Don Filippe will retire to winter quarters and come out fighting in the New Year, down but certainly not out.
All being well the last game of 2015 at OHQ will be on Monday 21st December, where as 2015 gone?



  1. As I said in the post game natter;a close game in the end which might have gone either way. Your appalling musketry was compensated for more than adequately by your exceptional saving throws.

    1. Don Fillipe will be back, maybe with better dice.

  2. Wow, splendid armies here...and great pictures!

  3. Another great-looking game, table and figs!

  4. Replies
    1. Thank you Dave, how is your collection coming along?