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Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Dawn Attack 1918

With Dave due later in the morning I set up the table below and quickly devised a scenario, the Germans would be attacking the British positions in a dawn attack taking advantage of the thick morning mist, a preliminary bombardment meant that the British were expecting at least a large raid so had sent for reinforcements, these were diced for and would not start to arrive until turn three, when even then would need to be diced for to see what arrived and where. The initial defenders were two Lewis gun sections a Vickers machine gun and deployed in the village a toffee apple mortar, which I had recently finished painting, and a sniper.

The Germans would start with three stormtroop sections entering the table on the first turn, they were also able to place a sniper anywhere on table their side of the road. From turn two they could dice for arrival of the following each turn, a Maxim HMG, a granatenwerfer, three infantry sections and an A7V tank.
German Stormtroopers Probe The Weak British Flank 

Meanwhile The British Look To Their Front 

With The Mist And The Village Obscuring Their View They Fail To See The Stormtroopers On The Flank 

Dave's Germans Pinned Them With The Threat Of a Flamethrower Attack To Front Enabling The Stormtroopers To Attack The Flank Turfing Out The British Troops

The Germans Did Not Get All Their Own Way British Reinforcements Charged The Stormtroopers But Alas With A Massive 14 Dice Only Managed To Inflict Three Casualties, Tough Cookies Those Stormtroopers.
German Follow Up Troops Dash Forward

The German Sniper, A Much Better Marksman Than His British Counterpart

Abteilung Vor!!

British Toffee Apple Mortar

The German Commander Checks His Report Before Sending His Runner Back To HQ
Don't know what has happened to the text that should be here, I am not typing it all again, the Germans won the Brits lost, and Blogger is a load of shite.

Dave has come to the rescue, more pics and words  here



  1. Oh dear! Your curse of Blogger strikes again! Never mind, it was an excellent game and the photos show that clearly. Wait til folks see your stuff in January's Wargames Illustrated!

    1. Blogger hates me but not as much as I hate Blogger.

  2. The pics speak for themselves...great looking game!

    1. Thank you Gordon, it's just as well I had done the captions though.

  3. Great job, bravo!
    Good game.