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Sunday, 11 May 2014

Counterattack At Rawnslie Les Bains

Setting the scene for the game

Following the successful attack of the first battalion North Staffordshire Regiment near Rawnslie Les Bains, the German High Command have ordered an immediate counter attack to regain this strategic position.

The initial assault will be carried out by the 48th Infantry Battalion, support in the form of Stosstruppe and armoured units will follow.

To prevent the reinforcement of the North Staffs an intense artillery bombardment of the British rear positions will take place, to further support the counter attack a gas attack on the North staffs position will also take place.

The North Staffs will have to make use of any available cover and hold off the inevitable counter attack until reinforcements from the Royal Fusiliers can be bought forward, luckily a Vickers machine gun section and an 18Pdr gun have already been got forward and a runner has been sent to request an artillery strike on the position of the suspected German advance at dawn

Look Out Tommy We Just Need Basing And We Are On Our Way

Check back tomorrow for more details.



  1. Thanks Moiterei, just have to hope they fight as well :-)

  2. Gas? You never mentioned gas!

    1. Nothing I can add to that, really...

  3. Thanks Matt, good to see you back blogging.

  4. Very nice figures.
    Well done!