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Monday, 12 May 2014

Counter Attack At Rawnslie Les Bains (2)

The Forces

The North Staffs

Lewis Gun Section, seven men and one NCO
Rifle Grenadier Section, seven men and one NCO (limited grenade supply)
Rifle Section, eight men and one NCO
OC, Lt. Reginald Rawnsley MC
Attached, one Vickers MG and an 18pdr gun


Royal Fusiliers, Lewis gun section, eight men and one NCO
Royal Fusiliers, Rifle section, eight men and one NCO
North Staffs, bomber section, eight men and one NCO (tough fighters)

German 48th Infantry Regiment

One gruppe with a captured Lewis gun
One gruppe with rifles
One gruppe, bombers (tough fighters)
One granatenwerfer
OC, Lt. Weiss


Two Stosstruppe gruppen, bombers (tough fighters)
One Stosstruppe gruppe with MG08
Attached Guards Flamenwerfer team
Armoured support

British Reinforcements

These will be diced for from turn two plus a D2.
Due to the German bombardment units wishing to enter the table must dice as if they had been hit by a preliminary bombardment and any pins received taken into account when taking the order test to arrive.

The British dawn bombardment will hit in turn two on a D6 throw of two or more, in turn two any German units within twelve inches of  their table edge will dice as if they had been hit by a preliminary bombardment. If it does not arrive until turn three it will hit units between twelve and twenty four inches, if the bombardment does not arrive in turn three it is assumed that the runner did not get through and it will not take place.

German Support

The gas attack will take place in turn one before any order dice are drawn.
Supporting units can dice to enter on turn two, one unit, though not the armour may be sent on an outflanking move, this will dice to enter on a specified flank on turn three, this must be done before any other German units are given orders, it will throw a D6, 1-4 it will enter 24” in from the German table edge, 5 or 6 36” in.  

Be sure to visit later in the week for a full report and pictures.



  1. Your AAR eagerly awaited. Are you using TFL's Mud and Blood rules?

    1. Hi Michael,
      We do use them, but for this game we are using Bolt Action with some amendments of our own and the ones from Gajo Games. We also include an event dice which when drawn we draw a card which have various uses for one or either side.